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  1. any suggestions for a mock suppressor/silencer thats -14 ccw?

  2. should be studying for finals but on arnies :-/

  3. baggard

    KJW M4

    well, the kj m4 is the loudest gas in mag gbb to begin with, so silencing it should be a challenge
  4. baggard

    KJW M4

    sorry about going off topic, i got ADD and i promise to go on topic next time
  5. baggard

    KJW M4

    hey t_hum, an idea just came up to my mind while i was taking a bath... maybe you could make a kit so that the kj m4 can shoot underwater?
  6. baggard

    KJW M4

    just an FYI these UBR converters are made by an airsoft team in ShinChu edit: my bad, it is actually by the same company who made the m16 stock conversion kit, Tactical Arms Factory.
  7. baggard

    KJW M4

    please refer to post #1046 oh yeah if anyone is interested on using an m16 stock heres the link http://goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?11091121435762
  8. baggard

    KJW M4

    oh well, guess im going to pay a lot for shipping =(
  9. baggard

    KJW M4

    hey t_hum, want to trade your o-ring piston with a new ubr adapter?
  10. baggard

    KJW M4

    you can wait until somethings broken then ask for parts
  11. baggard

    KJW M4

    i remember there was a thread teaching you how to make your own. but i forgot where it is.
  12. baggard

    KJW M4

    pedobear does not approve... but appoves the kids that watch it
  13. baggard

    KJW M4

    no idea, i didnt ask them. sorry
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