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  1. sirrith

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    Well they finally replied to my whatsapp, basically said the same thing about the virus, but also said that the reason they would not be restocking certain items was because they are looking at making new parts.
  2. sirrith

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    I whatsapped them a few days ago and they never replied. Also, when I asked UNcompany about stock status for an MP9 nozzle set, they told me they "will not restock soon". Hopefully the email information is correct.
  3. sirrith

    Did Wii Tech shut down?

    I was told by yesterday in response to a query that I could buy directly from HH instead of ordering online (I live in hk), so I don't think it's actually split (legally split perhaps, but still the same people in control I'm guessing) otherwise they would be telling me to go to a competitor. I was actually looking for wii tech stuff at the time, but HH was out of stock of the parts I wanted..
  4. sirrith

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Final form
  5. sirrith

    GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

    No need! The wide bore did the trick.
  6. Here are some pictures. It's not easy to see, but the creation slide is slightly glossier and darker than the SD frame. The grooves on the trigger guard and front of the grip are very well finished, no rough edges anywhere. Same story for the rail. I was going to upload a few more photos, but I'm getting errors for some reason, so only these 2 for now...
  7. Since I couldn't find any information at all on this kit when I was looking, I'm going to give a very short summary of my experience with the SD aluminium frame (I didn't install the slide so can't review that). Other than the Guarder kit which requires filing of the blow back unit, it's pretty much impossible to find metal kits for the original tm p226 now. I've been running a creation slide with the stock plastic frame, but wanted to upgrade to fill metal. I tried looking for the creation lower frame by itself since that would be the safest and cheapest option, but creation stuff seems to run out even faster than other brands and I had no luck. The shooters design kit seems to be milled to me, not cast like the guarder, but I cant verify that. I'm going by the lack of flashing and any other molding marks,and the price which is about double that of the guarder, which is cast aluminium. The kit itself appears to be very good quality, the colour is a dark grey, slightly lighter than the creation slide. The internals drop into the frame perfectly, no modding or filing of any sort required. However the original screw that holds the trigger unit in place does NOT fit. The screw hole in the SD frame is much smaller than the original screw. There is a flat headed screw included with the SD kit that fits, but as there were no instructions at all, I'm only guessing that this is intended as the replacement trigger unit screw. Despite the general consensus that different brands of metal kits don't fit well together, I was extremely pleased that my creation slide fits perfectly on the SD lower frame and the whole setup cycles and locks flawlessly. A couple of small issues: the magasine release is a bit stiff in the new frame, I have to make sure to insert the magazine with enough force otherwise it doesn't lock in place and just drops back out. Also the I have a guarder steel decocking lever and that does not always return to its original position after being depressed. It seems the spring is not quite strong enough to overcome the friction between the lever and the frame for the last few millimetres. I'm guessing these problems will improve as the parts wear in. All in all I think this is a very good quality frame and I am completely satisfied with it. It seems to be on par with my creation slide in terms of quality. I cannot speak as to the slide as I have not installed it and do not plan on doing so unless something happens to my creation side, although I may end up using it for a different build in which case I will review it then. Photos to come later.
  8. sirrith

    GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

    Thanks for confirming about TNT. I've been trying to find more info about the Maple Leaf chamber, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there. I'll stick with the stock chamber for now, at least until it breaks. Might have to widen the hop window a bit so I can use larger hop up nubs as I heard the Maple Leaf nub won't fit. Got a wide bore because of the supposed extra range/accuracy which I wanted to check for myself, and also because I need the reduction in muzzle velocity. My local airsofting group requires 1.3J or under for CQB, stock my AK shoots 1.5J. I tried using HFC134a at the last game, which got me down to 0.9J, but the gun behaved a bit strangely, so I guess it doesn't like 134a, and I didn't want to go all the way down to 1J by switching to the 1J nozzle. I've installed the Orga barrel now and I'm very happy with it. Dropped the power to just under 1.2J with green gas and paired with a maple leaf bucking it shoots almost as far as my upgraded VSR10 (the latter has a tightbore).
  9. sirrith

    Thinking about buying a P90

    I had a TM a long time ago, which I got from someone else who had had it for years before that. Shot very well, never had any problems. Marui reliability is up there. Alternatively, have you considered GBB? WE make a P90 GBB, although I know nothing of its performance.
  10. sirrith

    GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

    Well, managed to fix the rod by bending it! I have another question though. Does anyone know if the tnt hop up chamber for the ghk ak takes aeg barrels? I've ordered an orga magnus wide bore for my rifle and I heard the stock chambers are prone to breaking.
  11. sirrith

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Hmm, you're right. The lower Handguard was very loose when I got it, there was about 2-3mm of play which I fixed using tin foil. I'll see if I can straighten it. The cleaning rod however is just loose, it slides out of place very easily, nothing a bit of tape/bending won't fix. Thanks for pointing it out!
  12. sirrith

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I think that's just the camera distortion (if you mean the handguard not looking straight), but will double check when I get home.
  13. sirrith

    GHK GBB AK Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know if the cleaning rod on the ghk ak105 is supposed to be loose? Mine is so loose that it slides out if I tilt the gun downwards. There's a screw thread on one end, but I have no idea what it screws into. Thanks!
  14. sirrith

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Ghk ak105, thinking about whether or not to replace the muzzle break, and will at some point add a pt-1 stock.
  15. sirrith

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Thanks, and wow, did not know they were both so pricey... I really like my E&L AKSU. Got it a few weeks back on sale. It isn't completely problem free; my anti-reversal latch snapped after less than 10 shots, and the stock piston was showing some wear already on the plastic teeth, so I replaced both of those and downgraded to a 1J spring. The plastic part of the battery connector also came off, but it can just be pushed back on. Externally however, it is pretty darned great. The top cover release button is troublesome at first and refuses to pop back out when you close the receiver, but after repeatedly slamming the receiver down and getting it to pop out, it starts getting easier as the edges get smoother. I'll post a short writeup in the coming week(s) once I have the time and motivation to take some photos.

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