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  1. Blued dboys receiver, steel outer barrel with real steel Bulgarian type 3 components. Magazine is a cyma midcap stuffed into a real steel shell. The oiler pouch on the sling holds batteries.
  2. Another project finished, with the exception of a few pins and minor decorations. Barrel components are all from a real steel type 3 milled Bulgarian AK, outer barrel is a 1018 DOM tube that I had a coworker turn for me. Dboys receiver was stripped and cold blued. Hopefully I'll have time to cut up a few real AK mags this week to convert them to midcaps.
  3. I finally finished my ACE stock adapter rear trunnion for AEGs after two years.
  4. I spent a few hours comparing pictures of random rock and lock magazines to the as val mags and and figured the sig mags were cheap enough to gamble on. The coupler studs don't work, the magwell is too thick... or tall.. I didn't have a chance to cut them off.
  5. One of my favorite hobbies is to take magazines for one gun and cut them up so they fit and feed in something completely different. MAG brand Sig midcap, fits great and feeds 100% with a little time on the mini mill and no modification to the gun (this time) Mags are the same price as VAL mags but double the capacity, once I put a vise on my mill it'll be a 5 minute mod compared to a half hour of 1-2-3 blocks and filing for the proof of concept. Also, since this is an AK thread and not a VAL thread, here's my kyber/taliban special 74u. Paki tape with a 25
  6. What did you do for the motor cage? I'm still thinking about a fusion engine for mine, but I'm going to wait and see what the wolverine SMP looks like when it gets released.
  7. I just ordered one to try out, thanks. I've used turnigy cells around that size and I think their ratings are pretty optimistic, but I'll see how it does for a day on one of my more stressful setups. I normally use lipos double that size with continuous discharge ratings higher than that burst value so I'm interested to see how it will do.. Good idea on the tourniquet and field dressing wrap as well, I'll track some down since I've been meaning to replace the battery bag on my 74u with one.
  8. I think fox airsoft is the only one that has them right now. $15 for a 50 round mid is a little too expensive for me, though. I'm sort of holding out for larger mags from LCT.. The mids out now are single stack, but theres plenty of room in the shell for double so I'm not sure why they didn't do that. Because my life is incredibly empty and the tears of strangers on the internet are the only things that bring me joy? But seriously, the lipos that actually fit are grossly inadequate for what I want to do with the gearbox. Plus, I want to run a 74u length inner and do.. things.. w
  9. A 1200mah 20c 11.1v won't pull an SP130 on 13:1s. I'm having a custom battery bag made for the stock, it won't look too bad.
  10. it would probably be limited to semi only. I'm sure someone halfway decent with a soldering iron could rig a few switches on the shell so that the selector trips them and wire them into the fcu harness. I'm considering a fusion engine as well. semi only honestly wouldn't bother me with 50 round mids.. a new 'motor cage' would need to be made for it to work as well.
  11. What would be the selector on an AK is just a safety. Up is on, down is fire. Fire mode is controlled by the lever behind the trigger, left is auto and right is semi. Interally is looks like the selector hits a lever on the gearbox shell which trips the cutoff lever. There is no traditional selector plate from what I can see without disassembly. I can try to get a picture of the exploded diagram later today.
  12. LCT AS VAL. I'll make a review thread when I have time this weekend. Battery space in the suppressor is almost nonexistent, but it looks easy enough to get some wires out the back and into a battery bag. My only other complaint is that you can't adjust the hopup without removing the dust cover, but other than that it's great!
  13. my lct AS VAL shipped today! Can't wait to get it..

    1. Probotector


      Oh so this is your airsoft gun that arrived here at the customs?

  14. who makes that srs and how do you like it?
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