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  1. If you actually look at any of the CTARs in use in the Israeli Defense Forces, (I am Israeli btw), they mostly do not use a MARS sight. And most of them have a rail so that any mount can be placed. In the army, having a sight built in permanently is ignorant to say the least.
  2. That is why these companies sell garbage, the sight was not a free pointless accessory, people payed for a Tavor with a premounted MARS. It would be "less" of a problem if ARES gave you a damn rail to mount a sight on, but they did not even build the Tavor properly by not including the rail. So at the end of the day, you bought a Tavor w/MARS, not a Tavor w/Defective MARS. The longer it takes people to realize that, the more your gonna get pushed around by companies selling half @$$ goods.
  3. Truth is nothing will happen, because people don't care. I payed for a TSI knowing it does not have a sight for various reasons, including speaking directly to TSI employees and being able to trust that an American Company will provide for me what I expected. On the other hand, people who bought the ARES got it with this "defective" sight, and instead of doing what they should, which is return the gun and ask for a refund, they ghetto rigged it. Now if you payed 500 dollars so you can ghetto rig your gun to have a non MARS sight, that is fine by me, but I personally know, placed in your sit
  4. It is also a place for those without one, to question those who do in order to better determine for themselves which one they want to purchase. Thank you Hristo for your honest review and input into the ARES Tavor. And I would most definitely expect more probing questions into the quality of this gun for the others who wish do decide this, TSI, or wait for a clone. Noone is saying the gun sucks, what they are saying is if you market it with a sight, sell it with a functioning sight, not a placeholder and not even provide the rail for which another sight may sit. On the other hand
  5. I love these vests, they are the real thing and that is why they are a bit pricey. When I have some money I will definitely be getting one of these.
  6. TSI will be selling it on their website.
  7. The weapon has a very long accuracy range making it useful to take out targets at long distances. It is for this reason that IDF soldier's use bipods. The gun is more than capable to take out long range targets.
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