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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. i thought paris white might be plaster of paris, i take it you just create a runny paint like base and then add the pigment then just paint on, it take it you can easily remove the finish afterwoods?
  3. Looking for some information, i had a search and the information i;ve found is thin on the ground and a little confusing Looking to try and nail down the method German special forces are using to camo up there g36s, i;ve read it is chalk or 'Paris White'? mixed with a pigment, and the finish can easily be washed off does anyone have any information?
  4. its just a stock tm 1911 nothing special
  5. its a pitty they changed to the matt black finish ( does anyone know if they changed the finish on the type 56 and 56-1 at all? ) i was lucky enough to pick up one of the original with a gloss finish
  6. anyone know why they switched the finish?
  7. can confirm that the classic army svd magazines will fit and work in the a&k svd, i have two of them and both fit without modification and feed without issue
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