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  1. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

  2. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the feedback^^ The M14 is a Kart and the Stock is Marui ...i picked up the gun für 45 bucks......without all the stuff
  3. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    btw ....New forum sucks
  4. Flolito

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC G18
  5. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    I put on a lower mount on my G&G and a metal barrel cover
  6. Flolito

    SMG Picture Thread

    KSC M11A1 with G&P Steel Body and Magnesium Bolt
  7. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    Arrrrgh xD .........sorry ......it´s because of my baaaaaad english i should take a alk to mr. langenscheid BTW if my Guarder heatshild will comes you can get my old brown one for free( you have to pay the mail to U.K. but i dont think that this would be much)
  8. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    It looks not bad but it feels very crappy its very cheap and thin plastic..... You will take my m14 away from me ? You must know that Walther and Achmed the dead terrorist are guarding my house so if you want to steal it you will have bad chances
  9. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    @ Kenworth W900 It´s no PJ this is the serial heatshild from G&G but it looks crappy I am stil waiting on my Steel Heatshild from Guarder @ The Crunchy Bunny In field my M14 is "naked" but at home it has this setup
  10. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    G&G M14 It´s done I have created my "dream" M14
  11. Flolito


    G&G M14 Veteran Type
  12. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    @BigBabyMoses I have made my 10 round mags out of a lowcap . Jou have to cut the mag off and cut some flaps out now you take the flaps and heat them till they glow. Now you have to bend them over the bottomplate of the mag and beat them down with a hammer . The inner of the mag has also to be cut . Cut the Spring and push it into the pipe in the inner of the mag . Close the End of the pipe in the mag with a screw . And so you will have your 10 round magazin. If you have problems with my english i am sorry couse my english is a litle bit rusty ^^
  13. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    Ulalala I love your PJ But I dont like your idea with the Eotech..... I think a KA M3 oder M1 would look much better on this M14 Cheers
  14. Flolito

    Glock Picture Thread

    Hello : Here i will show you my KSC G18c with a PDI 6.01 innerbarrel a Silencer and a G&P Light. Sorry for the bad pix but my cam is broken so i had tu use my cellphone ....and btw sorry for bad english xD ">a
  15. Flolito

    M14 Picture Thread

    So here is my one . G&G M14 Veteran Type with KA M3 and original Leather Sling.......and I am still waiting on my Extender ......

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