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  1. Replacing the PX4 with a Mike Cripps built 2011; Good idea?

    1. scorch


      His work is amazing, but I prefer the aesthetics of the Beretta. I say go with your gut. If you have to ask, you've already decided and are seeking justification. ;)

    2. bladerunner168


      As a classicist, I would urge you to take his custom 1911 or a P226, unless a 2011 REALLY floats your boat ;o)

    3. hwagan


      I love my PX4 and it's an excellent shooter, but I dunno... There's no real options for customisation. I've bought stuck guns from Mike before, but never a tuned one - And Bladerunner, I do love the 1911's, but the gas capacity isn't good enough for me, hence 2011!

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