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  1. I'm also on a diet. I am mostly feeling fat and hungry all the time too. I have discovered the "Pinch of Nom" cook books which are a godsend though. I'm actually getting back into proper cooking as opposed to lazy "from the freezer or a jar" cooking. All the meals are sub 400 calories and taste fantastic. Last nights grub was satay chicken which tasted better than the takeaway.
  2. Been away from my online presence for a bit while sorting some things out. Got my head straight now though. So, first post here in a couple of months, where do I start? Covid19 is . Lack of airsoft is . I still, so far, have a job though which I'm grateful for. And my car hasn't yet shat it's gearbox out like people told me it would, so that's a plus point. How's everyone else keeping?
  3. It probably hurts less if you go along with it willingly.
  4. Yeah, but she's got a bit of Emma Stone about her which can only be a good thing IMO.
  5. At the minute I'm using tinkercad. Its online software and it's very straightforward. If you want to have a go at 3d design it's free to use.
  6. I have a 1TB Seagate one as an external to my PS4. It keeps up with that not a problem and was less than 40 quid at Argos over a year ago. Weighs bugger all too.
  7. I like Symbiosis. Also, nothing good ever comes from answering distress calls. They're nowt but hassle. EDIT: Bought a car. Its ace. (Shiny red Mini One, with black stripe. Fantastic condition and low mileage for its age.) Also, got given a 3d printer. All my VSR mags now have mag pull tabs on them and I'm designing a mag stacker for the H8R revolver.
  8. Second hand. I'm not sure I fancy driving round in someone else's car. It would give me the fear every time I drove it.
  9. Why is buying a car such a bloody minefield? Seems like everyone is trying to have my *fruitcage* pants down.
  10. I dobt have a screw holding the hop to the outer barrel either. It's just fitted with a spring like an M4 hop would be. (Although a much chunkier spring) I had to dremel a piston to fit mine. It's not too bad to do, and you dont have to be that precise really. Just take your time and keep the piston cool while cutting the steel so you don't compromise the plastic. Cut in short stints, and sponge on some water. Remember to dry fit with the sector gear to check your clearance and you'll be fine.
  11. Same on a motorbike. My headlight is like a miniature sun on the front of my bike. Have still had people pull out on me, usually because they're twatting about with a phone/satnav/stereo/passenger. I actually saw one driver eating a bowl of cereal once. That was the day I realised it really is all on me to get home safe.
  12. Can't remember where I read it, but I'm sure they said it was a large jubilee clip.
  13. So the H8R turned up today, with no despatch confirmation to let us know it was coming. I suspect they're just making it up as they go along... pleased it has arrived though.
  14. No, it's really not. Since they've got a shop attached though I suspect that's been overridden to help the guy that's walked in.
  15. Nobody else keeps the gen 2. Plus then I'm gonna have to pay another load of shipping. 😞
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