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  1. Can't remember where I read it, but I'm sure they said it was a large jubilee clip.
  2. I like a bit of darkness at an urban site. Brings an atmosphere that can't be matched. Woodland though? Nah. Too much to trip and face plant on.
  3. Because marshals have homes to go to? Also, in the winter you're done by 4.30 due to a lack of daylight, so it makes sense to not be switching up your start time just to get a decent days gaming in.
  4. Watching The Expanse, spotted a gun which looked like a dolled up WE racegun XDm. I'll see if I can grab a screenshot.
  5. Is it? I thought it was "pressure bearing parts" that were under restrictions.
  6. Quick question for any Broomhandle/M712 guys. What magazine pouches are you using for the long mags? I'm after some brown leather ones, cant find any that I'm confident will fit.
  7. scorch

    Custom Gear

    And ones in my basket until payday.
  8. A trick I've seen before is to buff a bit of graphite powder into it. Gives it a slight metallic sheen.
  9. That's very similar to mine. Two tone rail gun, threaded barrel, grey magpul grips and x300 light. I'm sure I posted it a while back.
  10. I've seen people have 200 comment discussions on Facebook about what to do about the groups getting banned or deleted. When you suggest going back to the forums they react like you've suggested human sacrifice. I hope forums have a resurgence though. They're literally designed for purpose.
  11. Washing machine waste pipe? If you get a decent one they tend to be quite supple.
  12. Well that's a bit lovely. And here was me thinking I'd not want another AR.
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