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  1. Is there any confirmed use of the LMT MRP in 5.56 being used by anyone other than the fekkin' BTP?

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    2. hwagan


      I don't though, I want a badass cool-guy loadout, because I am a fickle airsofter. Best I can find so far is sketchy rumours of the SAS giving them a brief trial and apparently carrying them during London 2012, and there's a blurry picture of an unknown USSF guy carrying one, but it's blurry as hell and looks more like a publicity shot of some description for some reason. Dagnabit.

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      I like your MRP. It makes me happy It is aesthetically pleasing.

    4. scorch


      BTP loadout needs doing. DOOO EEEET!

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