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  1. where did you get those little rail pieces? I have an arc system too but I have no rail pieces
  2. I don't like the Madbull rubber either...always caused nothing but troubles for me, I'll stick to the Guarder and Systema
  3. Magpul MOE Magpul CTR Magpul MIAD BD VLTOR MUR metal body Hurricane 553 holosight
  4. are you sure about that? lct amd65
  5. hehe, you have pretty nice spare parts around you
  6. any pictures of the inner parts? I thought the 046 has a simple mechanical blowback system...
  7. OMG, a saiga????? details please
  8. what kind of LCT RPK do you have? the marui compatible version?
  9. The LCT kit will fit on any dboys body the ebairsoft has an another version of ak104 forepart if you'll cut down a dboys ak74 barrel and fit this you'll have an ak104
  10. where did you get the ultimak system?? I don't think you'lll get a cyma 104 front set separately, it's damn hard to get these things
  11. sowi

    Artistic Airsoft

    it was not artistic
  12. the beryl top rail won't fit on an AKS74U cause of the rear sight
  13. sorry, I don't know the exact size cause I used a SIG556 buffer tube and the thread size is different from the common m4 GBBR gas tubes and a buddy of mine made the thread with his turn-bench
  14. I used arc, but be careful with the cyma bodies, they are made of steel but the end of the receiver contains pot metal (I mean the mechanism of the stock)
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