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  1. Just talked to Eddie of Kjw, and yeap, slide is Aluminum but frame is Zinc
  2. Good to here that. That's a tad better than what the chinese clones use.
  3. I just ordered this from ehobby and I'm expecting that i'll get the same finish you got as pictured. Did they still use pot metal zinc on this one?
  4. Is the gun on the ver top a western arms? If not then what make is it?
  5. @klh31 - What's that aksu? The original version, is that kalash? Inokatsu? Guarder?
  6. LOL Why are you sooo baaad? I'm just trying to defend him, LOL Seriously nowadays, alot of aks74u looking rifles are based on the 7.62 round, maybe converted from akm's Take a look.... or maybe from an aks-74
  7. Because it looks better otherwise, he was using a pbs-1 supressor which is for the normal ak round (7.62 x 39mm) and if you use the 5.45 x 39mm round, you shall use the pbs-4 which is made specifically for the aksu
  8. Can I fit an ak-74 style wooden handguards to an Ak-47? Specifically Ak-47s underfolder?
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