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  1. Can't open the manual on my phone, what's the CQB length outer barrel cost?
  2. I use .28's in my almost stock socom (pommy barrel) and the range and a accuracy is excellent. Try them yourself as you already have .28's for your other gun.
  3. It is in my opinion a much more worth while upgrade than the laylax one. Providing support all round the outer barrel. Once the barrel nut is fitted there is zero flex in the mount making the barrel very secure. The part fitted well and is well made. Transverse barrel loads are not normally imposed on a barrel with a floating rail but if the barrel is knocked or the rifle dropped then even small loads will bend the stock barrel base.
  4. Sorry you are wrong. That is the ARS replacement for the horse shoe shaped part and it can be fitted with any delta ring or free float rail. I have this part and a DD lite rail. I previously had the part fitted with a G&P delta ring.
  5. weekenny

    KJW M4

    Glad it's helping you chaps out. Since I couldn't send mine to cradle I just got stuck in.
  6. weekenny

    KJW M4

    That's the one, I've done 5 now and the technique has remined the same although I now use dog point grub screws rather than a home made one.
  7. weekenny

    KJW M4

    Since you can't get Cradle to do the TDC follow the guide to do it yourself.
  8. Just get the ASAP plate meant for the tm recoil.
  9. I've bought some accessories from there in the past with no problems.
  10. Stock gears, in fact all stock internals. Might change the spring but won't that make locks worse?
  11. Going great, increasing numbers of semi lock ups lately though. Perhaps the cold was bothering my lipo?? Currently toying with the idea of shortening it but don't want to shell out for the Laylax barrel and don't fancy the Dytac built in barrel base.
  12. weekenny

    KJW M4

    There is a dummy screw in about the forward assist groves if I remember right.
  13. weekenny

    KJW M4

    Shhhhhhh! Don't want to know ;-) As for the number already for sale people bought it as "am bestest nu gun" now they are all :cry: "doesn't behave like iz AEG"
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