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  1. Hello Folks. I know it's not the tech forum, but I need AR related help and considering this thread popularity it would be possibly the fastest way. So here's the thing. I got HAO's 9,3 inch Mk16 some time ago, but it appeared that its barrel nut has too shallow threading, comparing to CC Tac, and after the rail instalation there's a gap between the rail and th receiver. HAO's RS spec nut is 13,33 mm deep, meanwhile: What I need to know is what HAO's AEG barrel nut threading depth. I asked at source but surprisingly they were not that willing to help. Is any one here able to?
  2. In this particular case this is Vector scope...
  3. Getting there, slowly. I call the shell done. Now time for internals... I don't think that You can go any better with regular AEG gun, not using RS parts - in terms of external finish and similarity to real stuff. Brief parts list: - King Arms Colt marked receiver set, cerakoted in-da-house (I do what I must because I can ) - steel magazine catch and selector lever (G&P and King Arms) - VFC CQD sling mount (in courtesy of intinerious) - C&C Tac Geissele Mk16 rail (yeah, HAO is better, so I stashed it for possible MWS build ) - C&C Tac Geissele ACH - Madb
  4. I own the same Ali KAC sights - no issues. In fact they are pretty decent for the money. They could be easily improved to be more accurate copy, but... I guess it requires time and will. While Chinese manufacturers are really slow about improving anything
  5. Nice. This is RS rail, isn't it? Those Dytac/SLR shorties are cool, but OOB choice of rails is not that great. I was thinking about grey/light bronze/black color scheme like the one SLR posted on FB. It would be just cool if Dytac released ION Lite edition of this AEG.
  6. Well, I forgot that post edition time is quite limited... Better shots.
  7. I didn't plan to use 9,3 Mk16 on my workhorse gun, equipped with DD Mk18 until now, but I was curious... And I think I will leave as it is now. Pardon snowy pictures - not really able to pull out something better now. I'm going to replace them tomorrow. There's only one thing to be done - I need to machine lacking top rail slot on the front of Mk16. In "courtesy" of C&C Tac...🤦‍♂️
  8. Since I derailed this thread a bit - a little correction. Colt's M4. Surprisingly ;).
  9. 😅😅 Fifty shades of DDC. Pardon a potato made picture this time but still it shows what it meant to be showing . Two C&C Tacs and HAO in the middle. Well. With better overall detail accuracy, and $100 price tag HAO's version is a killer. Don't get me wrong C&C Tac made a really great looking and feeling copy of the rail, but at $155 with all omitted details it is just worse. Objectively and undoubtedly. I was afraid that surface finish will turn to be very rough, as it was portrayed on HAO's promo pics but it is just slightly harder sandblasted, than C&C Ta
  10. Well, obviously it was just suggestion...
  11. Hey, but where's the strive for realism? And I would be careful on lack of practical gain. I can easy recall a few situations when I wouldn't bet on aluminum outer barrel survival...
  12. Here's my new "oar", WIP. Another step. The shell before cerakoting. Funny thing - I figured out, that Madbull's steel outers (14,5 MID, GOV profile) are slightly too short. For about 7 mm. - C&C Tac MK16 (best released so far) - Madbull 14,5 outer barrel (MID, GOVT profile, steel) - King Arms receiver set (Colt markings) - VFC CQD sling mount - Iron Airsoft 51T (which doesn't seem to be very accurate, BTW) The rest? Pretty obvious or irrelevant ;). Or invisible. For now.
  13. This build is a pretty good example showing that AEG airsoft gun can be a great looking replica too. I've always been wondering what happened, that better parts quality seems to be reserved for PTW/GBB guns, specially when we talk about receiver sets. And here You go - good quality receivers (despite the fact these are just cast (Avalon?) ), some RS furniture... Looks great. BTW. Don't You want to get rid of Your another BCM receiver? ...You don't, I know. Who would like to...
  14. Yup. Under a single, possible condition - KA lowers often (if not always) have long extension, so cutting is required.
  15. JKarmy. 9,3 variant is also available. Or at least in pre-order.
  16. C&C Tac version, Guys. AG turned really, really wrong way cutting out M-Lok slots.
  17. @bladerunner168 For some reason BCM KMR rail is the only case when I am able to look at keymod handguard at all. And I even like it. I guess it's typical situation of exception proving the rule . Really nice SBR.
  18. Selfmade Cerakote, after a four years of use... (as the flickr pic description says ). Including Trigger. Actually this particular piece looks like if it was not used at all... Folks - why U no post AR pics?
  19. Long time no see . Not a replica, so please, forgive me this little off-topic, but I believe this should be interested for many of us and will result in whole series of great replica pics - Geissele Automatics with Daniel Defense wins contract for a new SOCOM upper receiver group, called URGI: https://youtu.be/e0vFvE5ko3c?t=4584
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