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  1. In this particular case this is Vector scope...
  2. Getting there, slowly. I call the shell done. Now time for internals... I don't think that You can go any better with regular AEG gun, not using RS parts - in terms of external finish and similarity to real stuff. Brief parts list: - King Arms Colt marked receiver set, cerakoted in-da-house (I do what I must because I can ) - steel magazine catch and selector lever (G&P and King Arms) - VFC CQD sling mount (in courtesy of intinerious) - C&C Tac Geissele Mk16 rail (yeah, HAO is better, so I stashed it for possible MWS build ) - C&C Tac Geissele ACH - Madb
  3. I own the same Ali KAC sights - no issues. In fact they are pretty decent for the money. They could be easily improved to be more accurate copy, but... I guess it requires time and will. While Chinese manufacturers are really slow about improving anything
  4. Nice. This is RS rail, isn't it? Those Dytac/SLR shorties are cool, but OOB choice of rails is not that great. I was thinking about grey/light bronze/black color scheme like the one SLR posted on FB. It would be just cool if Dytac released ION Lite edition of this AEG.
  5. Well, I forgot that post edition time is quite limited... Better shots.
  6. I didn't plan to use 9,3 Mk16 on my workhorse gun, equipped with DD Mk18 until now, but I was curious... And I think I will leave as it is now. Pardon snowy pictures - not really able to pull out something better now. I'm going to replace them tomorrow. There's only one thing to be done - I need to machine lacking top rail slot on the front of Mk16. In "courtesy" of C&C Tac...🤦‍♂️
  7. Since I derailed this thread a bit - a little correction. Colt's M4. Surprisingly ;).
  8. 😅😅 Fifty shades of DDC. Pardon a potato made picture this time but still it shows what it meant to be showing . Two C&C Tacs and HAO in the middle. Well. With better overall detail accuracy, and $100 price tag HAO's version is a killer. Don't get me wrong C&C Tac made a really great looking and feeling copy of the rail, but at $155 with all omitted details it is just worse. Objectively and undoubtedly. I was afraid that surface finish will turn to be very rough, as it was portrayed on HAO's promo pics but it is just slightly harder sandblasted, than C&C Ta
  9. Well, obviously it was just suggestion...
  10. Hey, but where's the strive for realism? And I would be careful on lack of practical gain. I can easy recall a few situations when I wouldn't bet on aluminum outer barrel survival...
  11. Here's my new "oar", WIP. Another step. The shell before cerakoting. Funny thing - I figured out, that Madbull's steel outers (14,5 MID, GOV profile) are slightly too short. For about 7 mm. - C&C Tac MK16 (best released so far) - Madbull 14,5 outer barrel (MID, GOVT profile, steel) - King Arms receiver set (Colt markings) - VFC CQD sling mount - Iron Airsoft 51T (which doesn't seem to be very accurate, BTW) The rest? Pretty obvious or irrelevant ;). Or invisible. For now.
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