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  1. Tunershark

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    i wana see some videos of silenced guns
  2. Tunershark

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    yeah, i figured itd make more of an echoed POP like vicous said, wich would sound pretty sweet, more realistic, not like a souped up sewing machine
  3. Tunershark

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    would silencers be more effective if the silencer was completetly hollow, meaning the silencer was just a metal or plastic shell, for some reason i have the assumption that this way it would make any gun sound completely different
  4. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    hahah nice one
  5. Tunershark

    Tools of the trade

    mp5, other stuff
  6. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    Good thing but i was talking about the dude coming off the field with his mask off, or maybe im wrong
  7. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    NEVER take your googles off until You are 100% off the playing field take it from me, i learned that the hard way in paintball
  8. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    o rly?
  9. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    What a dumb video
  10. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    well i have a UTG, not the marui so im afraid
  11. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    yeah, im afraid mine will break if i do it, i havent done the fix yet
  12. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    frontside, where you just Hk slapping it for fun? i never thought you actually had to load it that way
  13. Tunershark

    Videos Thread !

    history channel show tactical to practical talking about airsoft http://eagle5.net/store/temp/airsoft/THC_Airsoft_VCD.mpg
  14. Tunershark

    Tunersharks gallery

    check it out

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