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  1. Just for reference. Tan and magpuled.
  2. According to this http://www.vikingtactics.com/handguard.html they are "re-designed".
  3. Sig 550, because it's an interesting and good-looking model that gets largely overlooked.
  4. If they're still pinning down the exact specs of some of the internals, that means that general availability is still weeks and weeks (and weeks) away, after the first production run and the inevitable time for distribution.
  5. I'm assuming you were responding to Scuffer, not me. To try to answer your last question, speculatively, it's been made pretty clear that the few examples of the Masada in circulation were pre-production models, and people have gone out of their way to stress that they don't necessarily represent what will be offered to the public. If Tim of ASGI stresses that so much, just imagine how much the people from Magpul stressed that to Tim (as these things always get watered down when they're repeated). So, in brief, I don't really believe that anybody was presenting what we've seen so far
  6. OK, so what I'm taking away from this is that pre-production models were using Ares parts or even an Ares gb for design and development purposes, but that the final Magpul version of the gun to be released to the public is going to use Magpul's own or at least superior internal parts made by some OEM to Magpul's specs. And so, when Frank opened the ASGI pre-production example they have there and showed us the guts, the results are misleading to say the least. Am I warm??? Tepid?
  7. I agree that it's a beautiful gun. It's so new it's not even in the HK stores yet. But I would think it should show up soon. I wouldn't hold your breath on it ever being in stock in US stores. I mean, which US webseller has the largest selection of *in stock* G&P AEGs? Evike? AirsoftOutletNW? Or? What percentage is what they have in stock relative to G&P's total selection of AEGs? 20%?? I think options are pretty limited. Once it shows up in HK, buy from there, or again, once you know that it's being distributed, perhaps contact the guys at OutletNW and see what they ha
  8. mimesis

    $1K club.

    Isn't that a regular Ergo, and not the Tactical Deluxe?
  9. Any idea whether R.S. replacement grips will fit without too much modification?
  10. The Vltor sight tower has picatinny rails on the top of it that are designed to line up with those on top of most RIS/RAS. So mounting a MBUS there is just like mounting one on the front of your rail system. The arm that extends up from the Vltor is designed to place the front sight at the standard height. Gas blocks that have picatinny rail on them sit lower, however. That's why, in the world of R.S., there are two types of front sight--gas block height and front rail height. Go on any R.S. seller's website, and you'll find them differentiated in that way. I've never found an airs
  11. The question is can we look forward to a 18" barrel, long handguard, 7.62 lower receiver, and PRS stock, all sold as one gun package, or will they all be add-on extras with a cumulative price to match?
  12. This is part of a news release that was put out a while ago. ASAIK, there hasn't been any hard news on this since. Optional quick swap barrel assemblies: Definitely 11.5″ and 14.5″ barrels, and perhaps an 18″ SPR barrel later. All barrels are tool-less quick-change barrel systems. They’re quick swappable just like the real thing and very solid. Each barrel has its own hop-up chamber that’s fully enclosed within the barrel assembly. You can also extrapolate from an out-of-date Magpul technote on their R.S. versions. http://www.scribd.com/doc/6455785/Masada-Technote See in parti
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