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  1. Okay, ill be getting those for the aws? May I ask what gram bb I should use? And how many mags I may need? and maybe a scope recommendation? Thanks mugur!
  2. Ok sweet, so this works for the vsr-10 correct or the aws?
  3. Okay, but then what upgrades are necessary for that to be fielded? Like right out of the box or is there none needed till I have the cash?
  4. Well to be honest, my role is medium man, but im also like to go back and stay back to defend, for that reason I was looking at some snipers, but its kind of hard to decide to be practically honest. So thats why im asking around.
  5. So what should I get? Is it worth a springer or dont go sniper at all?
  6. The thing is though, im looking at a sniper, so would it just be best for me to get a dmr and not invest in a spring? I only want to spend about 600 on it, so are there any important parts that CAN go in that may make it fieldable, and I can add more parts later? I.E the zero trigger?
  7. So overall is it worth fielding this gun stock or are there any major upgrades that need to be done to this?
  8. UPDATE: Took it too a skrimish today, and I cleaned the barrel and adjusted the hop-up. Wow this thing is amazing! I got overall 10 people out in the 5 hours I played. Played 3 matches total got 4,4,2. The range is just plain awesome its actually almost as accurate as a stock m4. The rate of fire and the blowback is amazing, although it does give away position. But when you hear it shoot, you just kind of want to run away. So, if you have the 250.00's to spend I say this is excellent for field and just a awesome gun for cqb, you do have to be careful with shots thought due to the blowback but
  9. haha why thank you it was a gift from my mother ( I just took it from my home lol). Actually if you take off the rails it looks a bit better, one other thing I have noticed is that the battery guard is a 2 piece which is actually strange, but the screws from the RIS hold it in place. Also, I tested the gun again, still rainy and windy so no accuracy test as of now, is that with a 11.1v battery it shoots more like 20 bbs and 18 bbs on a 9.6 which is fast. Also when firing the gun, there is a nice clink sound, I wish I could record it, maybe if I can find away I will post it on here. Or I can ju
  10. H&K/Umarex/G&G MP5a5 Review: Marketing Features: Specifications: Manufacturer: G&G Gearbox Type: Ver. 2 Accuracy: 100 ft Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds Battery Pack Size: small or mini battery pack Package Includes: gun, high capacity magazine, cleaning rod, and manual Features: Full Metal Upper Receiver Metal One Piece Outer Barrel Realistic Field Stripping Adjustable Metal Sights Quick Detach Flash Hider Functional Cocking Lever 200 Round High-Cap Magazine Functional Bolt Catch and Cover Low Profile Sc
  11. Ah, sorry about the stupidness, my dad ordered the other H&K mp5, instead of the g36, ah well I cant do too much other then argue, well ill just do a review on that, sorry for the disappointment boys, but hopefully you will tune in to my other review of the HK series, see you on the far side.
  12. Nice, yeah I will be ordering my full size g36 now, with the brick battery, hopefully it will be worth it.
  13. ah ######, evike and there linked shopping carts, oh and I meant like if you have any pictures of the gun whatever model you have just post them, I want to keep looking at this gun, yeah Ill post the links again. Looks like there updating today, see how long that lasts, ill post them again later. Ok, well pretty much one battery was one of those brick ones and the other was a crane stock battery, what would fit do you think?
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