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  1. Gerkahn

    What's your backup?

    A 1911/ hicapa hybrid, the gas efficiency of the hicapa with the straight barrel accuracy of the meu. I also carry a marui mk23 sometimes and have an mp7 on order
  2. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    that we chrome/stainless looks great, id prefer if it was stainless, better than painted
  3. Gerkahn


    I always wondered that with many of these dmr builds, i found the cheek weld was non existent on even m14's so i bought the dmr stock to facilitate a decent weld and optic alignment
  4. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    1911's will take green gas without any problem, this is from my experiences, 3 1911's without metal bodies etc, my detonics/meu is running on green without any problem
  5. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    The detonics meu custom needs a name, they all seem to include american legend grips, so detonics legend? or cricket maybe.
  6. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    Not entirely sure if i catch what you are going to do, order a detonics slide and use a 1911's internals? because the blowbak units are entirely different, that does look gorgeous though, i might have to build one
  7. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    Post a pic when you have a second mate, i was considering a polished slide but am quite liking its functional design. but if it looks really nice i might go ahead and get one
  8. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    yeah i wish they made mini american legend grips that would be great
  9. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

  10. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    Its certainly growing on me, and im glad its got some fans!
  11. Gerkahn

    1911 Picture Thread

    This is what you get when your metal meu slide with long recoil rod is too heavy to work in 20 degrees, i threw my detonics slide on to the meu frame to get whats is a crisp, efficient 1911 with looks only a mother could love. i'll start the timer for the purist stampede...
  12. Gerkahn

    What's your backup?

    Usually take tm 1911 as actual backup, mk23 as a secondary quiet option and a ksc usp compact sometimes because i like overkill, oh and sometimes i sling an m14 with my vsr 10...yes i acknowledge i need help, i just feel guilty leaving guns behind at a safezone

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