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  1. I ended up selling my l96 and just rebuilding my vsr from scratch. Turned out a whole lot better, my friend has the l96 so i intend to keep tabs on who's performing better as the upgrades appear
  2. feels more like the m14's to be honest, but with the unique adaptability of aeg nubs and a vsr's bucking, allows for quite a bit of adaptability, though i wouldn't be surprised if a after market vsr style arm is released for it
  3. I skirmished mine last Sunday and despite rather gusty winds found the l96 to be on a par with my vsr, my only quibble being it is not as effective at hopping .3's, this could be due to the low fps as i didn't spend much time with my vsr at stock velocities. it performed nicely with marui .25's throwing them very accurately out to 40m (zeroing against a 6 inch tree i was getting next to no misses) but at stock velocity that was really the maximum effective range, i didnt check its grouping at 50m but i had no real issues to mention.
  4. i hardly see how that is a problem, the system works, the bb has a channel to run cleanly and clearly to the hop and has a significant amount of effort put into it
  5. the cylinder head has a attached "blade" that picks the round up from the top of the magazine and channels it along and forwards into the hop chamber
  6. Not really at the moment, both pdi and laylax are bringing out the relevant upgrades though
  7. Today the Tokyo marui l96 aws arrived, I will be comparing it to the vsr 10 gspec and pro sniper I used to own. The rifle comes packaged in an olive drab box with the usual assortment of speed loaders etc and a box of bb’s that will probably never get touched. Stock Removing the Aws from the box you will be reassured by solid bodywork, you’ll also notice it has more weight to it than the vsr does and feels nicely balanced. A tap of the stock reveals its still hollow but structure wise its still strong, looking along the body you’ll notice it has sling points on both sides
  8. that we chrome/stainless looks great, id prefer if it was stainless, better than painted
  9. Just finished my meu's migration from 1911 to 2011, decided i needed something with a little extra gas capacity after all the parts ive put in it, and i definitely need a new slide, but am having trouble finding a cnc one for novaks that doesn't come with a frame i don't need. anyway let me know what you think
  10. That is a fantastic stock, you should think about making air rifle stocks, you'd make a hell of a lot!
  11. Gerkahn

    $1K club.

    My VSR m40a3 , fortress stock, vsr with full internal upgrade inc damper head and pdi 6.05 M14 DMR, tm m14 + g+p Dmr stock and upgraded internals, fitted with a big out hop nub and promy 6.03, optics are Ares m1 with butler creeks and wide type scope mounts.
  12. Gerkahn


    I always wondered that with many of these dmr builds, i found the cheek weld was non existent on even m14's so i bought the dmr stock to facilitate a decent weld and optic alignment
  13. 1911's will take green gas without any problem, this is from my experiences, 3 1911's without metal bodies etc, my detonics/meu is running on green without any problem
  14. The detonics meu custom needs a name, they all seem to include american legend grips, so detonics legend? or cricket maybe.
  15. Not entirely sure if i catch what you are going to do, order a detonics slide and use a 1911's internals? because the blowbak units are entirely different, that does look gorgeous though, i might have to build one
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