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  1. Very usual question, but what is the outer diameter of the TM MWS barrel? Specifically, the part of the barrel where the gas block sits on?
  2. I purchased a TM M4A1 SOCOM from RedwolfAirsoft, but they sent me an old version without the updated receiver and parts. They also permanently destroyed the trademarks.... I purchased a Laylax MG upper and MG lower receiver to replace the stock TM parts, which I suppose was a good idea in retrospect since RWA sent me the old model receiver and destroyed the trademarks. Should I still purchase the NGM4-119 and NGM4-120 parts for the Laylax MG receiver kit?
  3. I have an unusual question to ask... How much of the inner barrel is covered up by the Next Gen hop-up unit when properly installed? If I were to install a spacer around the inner barrel along its entire length except for 35mm at the end (to allow the hop-up unit to properly attach to the barrel) to stop the inner barrel wiggling inside the outer barrel, would 35mm be enough or should I increase that length to 40mm?
  4. My pride and joy is finally finished both externally and internally. It will hopefully see some action this weekend. Poor quality indoor pictures. Hopefully, I'll bring a good camera the next time I go outside. -VFC MK18 Mod 1 (Colt trademarks) -Custom VFC gearbox (Siegetek, BTC Spectre, Prometheus, Guarder, Lonex, and SPEED) -R-Hopped PDI 6.05mm inner barrel w/ M-Nub Lonex Hop-up unit (Courtesy of Tony Z. from High Pressure Airsoft) -VFC KAC mock suppressor -VFC PEQ-15 and VX3 -TangoDown (Surefire) VFG -L3 EOTech 553.A65 -Daniel Defense Rail Panels 400 FPS (w/ 0.20g) @ 35 R
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