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  1. Cheers chap, I really like the Galil but was worried about that battery fit issue . . . if only I could get enough pennies together to get one of those AND the Masada! Beardy
  2. <br /><br /><br /> No hard feelings chap. Beardy
  3. Is there some kind of airsoft award out there for the worst piece of hardware on the market? If not there should be and this gets the prize! Thanks for the photos. Beardy
  4. Yawn. Do you actually have any constructive comment to make on the question asked? Beardy
  5. Nice to see that contributors are hounded for posting even when they miss some information, must be nice to be as perfect as you chap. Beardy
  6. Thanks for the extra info Dynamix, good to hear that there's no jamming and reasonable accuracy. Might be worth adding to the armoury! Beardy
  7. Link doesn't seem to work, is there a different link to this review or is it lost in the web? Beardy
  8. Really like the look of this weapon, I think it must get plenty of attention at skirmishes being just different enough from the standard AK to get some looks - but I'm wondering if there's any solution for the battery problem? Anyone got idea for smaller battery solution that wouldn't impact on the charging handle? Beardy
  9. Nice looking gun, anyone skirmished with one of these to get a view of the range and accuracy? Beardy
  10. Probably a slightly newb question but are these available yet, not in the pre-production models? Interested to see the internals differences. Beardy
  11. Great review on one of my fave guns out there. Must confess that I would love to see an accuracy report on the variation between the SR10 and 12 just to see if that extra few inches on the barrel length of the 12 gives improved accuracy and range over the 10 which I think looks a little nicer (mainly that's down to the stock though). Anyone seen a firing / accuracy report or comparison? Beardy
  12. Shame that such a decent gun has been so poorly made by TSI and to some degree by Ares with it's gearbox problems . . . anyone heard if other manufacturers are going to step into the arena and produce one of these? TM might be interesting? Beardy
  13. Such a shame that it needs such technical expertise out of the box in order to get decent performance out of it, especially as it's such a great looking gun. Maybe it's time to look for one second hand and make sure the gearbox work has already been done. Beardy
  14. Fantastic looking gun, just wondering whether or not we've got to the bottom of the parts issue on a production model? Is it going to be Ares parts or something else? Beardy
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