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  1. GoLgO 13

    Glock Picture Thread

    Just put this in the ASF build off...
  2. GoLgO 13

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC G17 with Pro arms frame and G&P Slide barrel set
  3. GoLgO 13

    Pics of your Gear

    Thanks! The Jacket is a Patogonia Gen III Windshirt which was issued to me by the USAF but they won't allow me to wear it in uniform?! I am wearing a Ranger Green USAF Fleece jacket under the windshirt. The pants are LAPolicegear.com's "Operator" pants in OD Green
  4. GoLgO 13

    Beretta Picture Thread

  5. GoLgO 13

    1911 Picture Thread

    thanks, The barrel has MEU Markings. The chrome is well done on the barrel, but a roughly machined chrome metal bushing seems to scratch it everytime I fire=( The Hammer chrome seems to be done well but there are casting marks/lines showing through the chrome. For 13200Yen It was a good deal. These Marui's can't be beat as far as stock performance.
  6. GoLgO 13

    1911 Picture Thread

    TM Night Warrior, I loved my Desert Warrior so much I couldn't resist.
  7. GoLgO 13

    Real Sword Type 97

    I disagree. The balance of trigger response(torque)/ROF with the RS motor is great. This T97 in particular is running so smoothly, it would be a shame to F*ck with it. It snaps out bb's as fast as you can pull the trigger. 20 rps is good to go. He is already going to have to change mags every 5 seconds as it is.
  8. GoLgO 13

    Real Sword Type 97

    Looks good my friend, You need to crack open that gearbox now!
  9. GoLgO 13


    Yeah, A DMR doesn't have to be a 7.62 or higher. Guys in my unit who are Designated Marksman just have an ACOG on their M4 instead of a M68. And The EST(SWAT) team uses scoped M16's for advanced sniper/recon purposes.
  10. GoLgO 13


    Picked this up yetserday at a japanese pawn/2nd hand shop for $150usd!
  11. GoLgO 13


    Golgo 13 DMR King Arms M16 Mosfet/Deans plugs/ 16 awg wire G&P M160 motor Prometheus gears CA G3 SG-1 - 510mm Prometheus tightbore - Mosfet/16awg/Deans plugs Star SL-9 -Mosfet/deans plugs/16awg
  12. GoLgO 13

    1911 Picture Thread

    TM Desert Warrior and TM 1911 Gov't Model
  13. GoLgO 13

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    There isn't a barrel going through. I am not a fan of doing that. The scorpion is the same one from that lipo guide i made. It is just stock with a 7.4v lipo and a mosfet.
  14. GoLgO 13

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread


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