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  1. Just put this in the ASF build off...
  2. Good point, I forgot to mention this on other boards too. This is in fact a clone, hence the 1600 yen price tag.
  3. Picked up a Crye Glock Holster today for 1600 Yen($17.00 USD) I thought it was a good buy so I felt the need to pass it on... It fits ANY glock with ANY light! It adjusts left hand, right hand, draw angle and belt width. This is all done with ONE screw. I was told KSC/KWA glocks may be a tight fit, but I had no issues. Basically a plastic clip holds the trigger gaurd and top of the slide while a rubber strap secures the gun. To draw, use your trigger finger to pop the snap like so... There is a split in the belt clamp it will dig into MOLLE webbing or
  4. KSC G17 with Pro arms frame and G&P Slide barrel set
  5. It is claimed that through the use of slow start up that the trigger contact arcing is reduced. I don't think that the main benefit of this product would be the mosfet but rather the ability to add burst function to your AEG along with ROF adjustment and lipo low voltage cutoff etc etc simply by connecting a small inexpensive board to your existing battery and wires.
  6. Got one the other day. I only have a TM SIG552 that doesn't already have a MOSFET so i figured it was a good candidate for this. (on a side note, I got the SIG for 5000yen($55 bux!) Shipping and correspondance with Kong was excellent. Shipping was less than a week and I live in JAPAN! Got mine here... http://www.aegwizard.com/ The unit appealed to me mainly because of it's simplicity and the fact that you can buy 1 unit and use it with all of your guns. The unit comes with decent instructions and is fairly simple to use. I wish the SIG had more battery access/space which
  7. fired of several hundred blanks with a full auto GAU and a few M4's. Thought you guys might like these...
  8. Thanks! The Jacket is a Patogonia Gen III Windshirt which was issued to me by the USAF but they won't allow me to wear it in uniform?! I am wearing a Ranger Green USAF Fleece jacket under the windshirt. The pants are LAPolicegear.com's "Operator" pants in OD Green
  9. Trigger Control!! Sometimes I see guys that have a great backround and good composition but then when they hit the shutter release button they are suddenly stricken with cerebral palsy! Slowly and deliberately squeeze the shutter release being careful not to shake the camera~! Follow through! just like shooting a gun! Why? because Blurry\soft images suck! Do this... Not This!! Lighting Generally speaking most in camera flashes suck. Try not to use them if you can. In most cases they will over expose certain areas of the gun and look unnatural in ge
  10. This takes me to Backround. This is everything else in the picture that is NOT the "Subject." Just a little effort here goes a LOOONG way. Let me give some examples of HORRIBLE BACKROUNDS IN AIRSOFT!!! -Your dirty unmade bed! -Your Dirty Carpet/Floor!! Let me give some good examples... - A variety of related equipment like a Tac vest, shemagh, uniform, backpack etc etc - Any clean plain backround that doesn't distract the viewer from the "Subject" If you have a Bad *ss $10000 dollar GBB M4 with a poorly composed distracting backround, you will not win. Sorry. Do Th
  11. Airsoft Still Photography 101!! Ok well the winter Build Off is rapidly approaching and I feel a quick guide to Airsoft still photography is a must! I'll keep it simple. I know most of us have basic photo equipment at best. I have some serious stuff, but that doesn't mean that I can't rip off an amazing pic with my $100 Canon powershot point and shoot! You can too! First thing on the list is Composition. This is how the "subject" is positioned in the picture. As a general rule of thumb, you want to fill the viewfinder with as much of the subject as possible.
  12. thanks, The barrel has MEU Markings. The chrome is well done on the barrel, but a roughly machined chrome metal bushing seems to scratch it everytime I fire=( The Hammer chrome seems to be done well but there are casting marks/lines showing through the chrome. For 13200Yen It was a good deal. These Marui's can't be beat as far as stock performance.
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