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  1. Hot pot

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    hmm... i wonder what that gas line is doing in the grip
  2. is prep'd for zombie invasion

  3. Hot pot

    Glock Picture Thread

    In the USA it is considered as a short barreled rifle, so you would be restricted from purchasing one, as a civilian. I wonder how you use the selector level on the airsoft? The real one I shot can only be fitted on the models without the switch.
  4. Hot pot

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I think the screw for the grip is a Gas M4 Grip stolen from WA, or a Real Steel Copy because the pictures show that there is a lack of screw holes for the bottom plate. Which knocks out AEG...
  5. Hot pot

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    It looks like you need to research this, made by Star. PS: nearly everything but the block mount can be switched with M4 stocks/pistolgrips....

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