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  1. More recent footage with the current AUG build. Just added a Prometheus Flat Nub to the Lonex Bucking I have (shaved the mound and "line" on the bucking) and am having great results. I love this gun Only issue I have had is the stock internal trigger contact "box" melted due to high temps from 11.1v lipo and continus semi-auto fire.
  2. Update 12 Nov 2014: After about 10,000 rounds I decided to take a look at the inside of the gearbox. Found the spur gear had a few teeth missing. Not really a surprise as the gun was shooting at 40 rps at 380 fps w/ .25's or so. Also at about 20,000 rounds the TM EG3000 motor wore out the motor brushes. So I decided to throw in a SHS Hi-Torque I had laying around. I also put in a 455mm Madbull 6.03 Tightbore. With all of the upgrades it is sitting at 400 fps w/ .25's at 35 or so RPS. Range is great and I can easily get kills out to about 220 feet if not more. Accuracy
  3. Yes you can remove the front-end grip if you like. Yes, its fugly as hell but until I figure out something to replace it with it will stay like that. I really enjoy this gun. The reason I upgraded it as I said was due to needing a bit more hitting power in long distance engagements. Also with the stock gearbox I was getting pre-engagement with the 11.1v lipo I have. I'll update the thread after this Saturday's game. If you guys have any further questions let me know! -Blink
  4. Intro: So after a 4 year hiatus from Airsoft I started playing again late last year. I still have quite a few AEG's from back in the day... but up until recently only have one TM gun left. Having not bought a BRAND new TM AEG since the SOC-16 came out years ago... I decided to try out the new AUG. It was on sale at Evike for $290 (total steal!).... so I couldn't resist. I've always have had a soft spot for TM. My first AEG ever was a TM AK47 back in 2004. I loved that gun and it never failed me.... however I have owned a plethora of other AEG's and am not biased towards TM aside from t
  5. Its shooting 390 fps w/ .2's out of the box. That is according to my Guarder Chrono. Its a great gun, I recently put a 50mm scope on for shitz and giggles. -Blink
  6. Kinda ###### pics... but I love this one. JG SIG 550. One of my favorite AEG's I have owned for a while. Great accuracy, super well built (no creaking at all for now...), great range as well!


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