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  1. Would you mind posting pics of the mods?
  2. Thanks again for the detailed answer. So basically, to be able to fit an AEG spring, the piston shaft diameter will have to be decreased. If this doesn't affect the integrity of the whole piston and tail end assembly, one can mill the stock piston to fit. Otherwise, a new one-piece piston with the correct diameter will have to be fabricated....
  3. Thanks for the additional details! Just one more question: Does the spring slide into another spring guide at the back? What holds it in place from the rear?
  4. How does the stock spring compare with an AEG spring in terms of length? And how is the piston tail end attached to the piston shaft and head?
  5. This was a great and very informative review! Clears up all the speculation. Thanks!
  6. Grandaddy of suppressed guns... VSR10 based DeLisle Carbine:
  7. Bar10 Gspec based DeLisle Silenced Carbine
  8. Some of my custom built WW2 airsoft guns... Scratchbuilt MG42 AGM Sten with custom skeleton stock VSR/Bar10 based SMLE N01 MKIII M14 based Garand with RS metal parts and custom woodkit VSR/Bar10+Dboys based Kar98K VSR/Bar10 based Mosin Nagant and M14 based PPSH (built before Hexagon and Ares came out with theirs) AK based PVC MG34 The rest of my Armory consists of repainted/weathered store-bought guns so no need to post pics: Hexagon PPSH, AGM MP44, AGM MP40, WE Luger, HFC Mauser C96.
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