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  1. I run mine with a PDI 260% AEG Spring. It fits very well and is about the same size as the original spring. This spring will push 2,5J with 0,30g BBs, TM Rubber and a 650mm MB01 Barrel. And .. the stock motor ist pulling it very good. Very good setup since i run mine for almost 2years now and never had any issues.
  2. EHRM ... where do u cut? You have to shorten the bucking by cutting down on the barrelsite not on the nozzlesite. Btw: Your avatar .. the SVD is on save
  3. I use TM buckings in all my guns and they never let me down. They fit very well and deliver you realy good shoots. You can make them even more airtight by rolling some teflon duct tape around it ... there several how to´s out there. Maybe you need to cut them shorter, but that shouldnt be a problem.
  4. Sorry for letting u guys wait so long! My T97B ist shootin 21rps with the G&P M140 Motor and the RS M120 Spring @330fps with .30´s. Im not the fastest ... but im very happy with my gun
  5. Sorry .. cant help u there. The KSC M4 is not available in germany But what i can tell you is that KSC and KWA use the same hupup buking on al their S7 and NS2 guns.
  6. They are the same. Only the MP9 differs betwen KSC and KWA.
  7. Hi Nookie, couldn't post in the main forum from my iPad for some reason.

    I'd be interested in getting one of these arms from you as I've just got a type 97B. Can you ship to Ireland?

  8. Finaly i received the parts ... If anyone wants one .. please contact me! Have a nice day, Nookie
  9. Yes, the wood is my work. I had to get rid off the brown/orange transparent glossy look .. me likes .. but its still a unusual look for me
  10. Easy .. Install a Faster Motor, a 11v Lipo and a Mosfet with some kind of unjam button as shown on first post on this page. Motor is not a must since the original one ist pretty good .. but if u want more ..
  11. Production started last week, so hey will be finished in a few days. The Price will be 23€ each + shipping. I ship Worldwide and have 3 rods to sell including the adadqgg one
  12. http://www.kotte-zeller.de/G%26P-M140-High-Torque-Motor---Short-Type.htm?websale7=kotte-zeller-shop&pi=41053&ci=010578 <- thats the motor i use. Easy to install and fits like the original one .. if not put some tape symmetrical inside the motor cage. Ill give prices as soon as i get some more orders. Worldwide shipping is no problem! I guess they will be arround 20-25€ + shipping. Edit: I should mention that the triggerrods are tested with the T97B. There should be no differences between the small and large version of this rifle. But i have no chance to prove this now.
  13. I use a IRF3703 FET on my custom made laser cut cooling thingy ... simple switching without breaking or all the other stuff. My T97B is also rewired to 1,5mm² and Dean connectors. The fuse is removed too .. so its realy fast shooting now. I dont know if i can crack the 27rps mark since im using the RS M120 spring and the tuned RS springguide. Maybe i can chrono the gun for rps this weekend! -i´ll post the results here.
  14. My triggerrods are made of stainless steel and are cnc lasercut. .. sorry for my rusty english skills Edit: I run my T97B with a G&P M140 Motor. With a 11V lipo i dont have any responsetime ... closely. Absolutely recommend it!
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