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  1. Thanks for the info. Probably still going to get the Pantac though, I prefer stuff I can get in the US commonly (Flyye is foreign right? I've never seen any of their kit available in the US). Again, thank you for the info. How much do TMC rigs run, and is their 6094 one of the "good enough" products? Last question (I'll try to put some content up next time so I'm not just spamming the thread with nooby questions). Where can I find a good quality MAP replica in khaki?
  2. Hey guys. I've got a question...hope this isn't out of place to ask here. Is a Pantac 6094 a good substitute for not having enough dosh to get a real LBT vest? I'm looking for something a little less monstrous than my CIRAS, if this is an unforseeably bad choice.
  3. "Cartel" team loadout for tomorrow's border-themed operation:
  4. I've got Rustoleum camo, khaki and brown. Would a flat repaint job do the trick? I sprayed the khaki onto my VFC's LE stock, which used to be jet black, and it's still friggin' bright.
  5. I have a stark tan helmet right now, same color as it came in. Would it be acceptable to give it a few splurts of brown paint from a long distance? What else could be done with it (no special patterns please)?
  6. Gentlemen... Behold, the red-eyed trooper of deff.
  7. adadqgg, it may not be "monstrous" but it's certainly respectable. I've not really had any internal failures other than strangley-behaving hop up. Again, maybe my reach was a little better than I thought and the sheer openness of some areas just exacerbated the issues of people already constantly murdering me with superior range... This gun performed very average out of the box from what I could tell, though. What the heck. My heart just sank...as far as I know it's fine.
  8. This is probably my first real review, so my apologies if I fail hard at this. VFC M4A1 E-Series: Long Term Review Howdy! I picked this thing up nearly a year ago from a local shop, and it just begs to be reviewed. Most reviews people seem to do on the day of or very shortly after they receive the weapon, with only an occasional blurb, if any at all, to give a status update on the item after much use. Thus, I've given my weapon of choice some additional time to see how it would play out in the longer term. Real Steel History In the early 90s, a Cult realized 10 inch barrels
  9. Pakols only work at a distance. When they get up close they realize you aren't Afghani. In this picture it doesn't matter if I have a hat or not, it'd be covered up with the hood (which is meant to hide my features and keep me from being identified). This kit is more of a "the SHTF just happened" kind of thing.
  10. Indeed. I've seen a photo of a real operator doing it (it was from the 80s or 90s I think). No idea why he did that, but it grips better with them sideways. I'd have posed with my primary instead of my somewhat less cool backup but it's in the shop...
  11. Sadly it is not my original saying. It is, however, hilarious when used properly...
  12. It was so late at night, even if I did want to clean it, I wouldn't have had time to take the photo (and I'd already been busy and couldn't take a loadout photo before then, my patience was wearing out; couldn't be bothered to fuss with background details). I'll look into the purple hat though It is kind of off now that you mention it... My red dot is just some cheapo BSA one standing in until I can get a more realistic one. I'd use a fakepoint if I had the money for a knockoff. This one barely even works outdoors if the sun happens to be up even in the next continent ov
  13. Oh be quiet What about the loadout? You know how long it took me to get it all set up right?
  14. Apologies if this belongs in the other thread, or if this counts as spam by posting it in two. Not sure where this goes but it's kind of generic casual army SF...
  15. Not sure if this goes here or in the US Army SF thread (it's kind of both, yet neither) so I'm posting it in both.
  16. Is there an advantage to ordering from a UK site over one in HK? Disadvantage? Thanks for the input.
  17. Sorry if this doesn't really belong here but I don't want to waste it on a new thread. Reposting because the last time it got overshadowed by huge pictures of sexy guns...
  18. Howdy. Would any of you fine gentlemen know where I could find a G&P XM177 in the US? Nobody seems to stock them (except for Evike which is always out of stock) but I don't know enough retailers to say I've had a thorough search of the country. Would like to avoid Hong Kong deals if at all possible. Also, what would be a preferred model, the E1 or the E2? One costs a considerable amount more than the other.
  19. Fresno, I am disappoint. That's all I gotta say. Shame on you all.

  20. A bit late, but I figured it was best to reply. Better late than never. It was royalist guardsmen versus civilian rebels at that op. I elected to join the rebels, who were required to wear civvie clothes. Well, not really special ops. Just civilian forces in general.
  21. Operation "Fall of Pharaoh" - Fresno, California. Not my photos, credits go to Matt Almaguer, AKA Spitfire... In every picture here, in the helmet, green jacket, blue jeans and tan vest. Seen here at the far left on the dune with members of Team Knight & others: Far left: Far left thrice (I think God is trying to tell me something):
  22. One RIS and some MagPul covers later... Still need to get a PEQ. Looks like I might have to get a battery bag and strap it to the RIS for now.
  23. So, after some DIY work that ended with mixed results... Alas, my Echo1 MA6A4, trying to look like a dumbed-down SPR. He gets second banana now, a stock that looks strange on it, and a ghetto workaround for all those dangling wires I had after moving the stock: My true love (in weaponry, anyway), the VFC M4 - now 20% more tacticool carbine with the addition of my Echo1's full stock: Next up we'll see about them RISes. No Stoner is complete without tricked out rails.
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