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  1. Basically in real combat your rifle gets bashed around alot. If for some reason the mount of the PEQ cracks you do NOT want to loose that, its expensive and the higher ups wont be happy that you lost a very expensive laser. So if you paracord it to the foregrip you wont loose it.
  2. Just to let you know, the goggles that you would want for your impression are US Issue Sun Wind and Dust goggles. They are not rated for any kind of ballistics and I would not recommend them for playing in any kind of airsoft game. Just letting you know in case you didnt already know.
  3. Looks really good so far dude, keep up the good work.
  4. Thanks for the kit list, it looks amazing dude.
  5. Its a medium, and I adjusted it after the pic. Felt alot better once I adjusted it. Absolutely great rig. Unfortunately I made the incredibly STUPID mistake of selling it. Alex if you are reading this and dont want my RAV any more let me buy it back!
  6. I was just going through some old pics I have and realized I never posted up pics of my Eagle PC and my Paraclete RAV My old Eagle PC in RG with: 1x TAG Triple M4 mag pouch 1x BHI single M4 mag pouch with lid removed 1x Maxpedition Cocoon Pouch 2x DBT med utility pouches 1x TT Small utility pouch 1x TAG enhanced double mag pouch 1x TT knife pouch 1x BHI med kit (on back) 1x Issue BOK (on back) 2x Paraclete Med utilities (on back) And since I dont have any pics of my RAV by its self here is one of me wearing it: Sorry for the really bad pic of the RAV. I
  7. Damn Lord Sex your gear never ceases to amaze me. Another great rig from you. Nice work
  8. Dude your gear looks so good. Any chance of a kit list? Also what MICH are you using? I'm looking for a good replica and yours looks awesome.
  9. Thats a damn nice setup, really a shame its no CB
  10. Youre a funny f*cker Isaac spunjah wanna send me one? I'm broke
  11. My ACUs are very baggy on me, and my holster brings them in a bit. Having the longer ACUs means baggier ACUs, but its not that big of a deal.
  12. Thanks Mike Kitlist Ahoy! Clothing: Contract over run ACUs Oakley Half Jacket XJLs Notre Dame hat 661 Gloves Bates M9 boots (not shown) First line: Eagle duty belt (OD) BHI USPc Dropleg Holster (Tan) Gemtech TRL (black) SOB Small Utility pouch (OD) (not shown) Maxpedition Rollypolly (OD) Second Line: Paraclete RAV (SG) TAG Triple M4 mag pouch (OD) TAG Double Enhanced pistol mag pouch (OD) TT Single Pistol Mag pouch (OD) HSGI Frag Nade pouch (OD) TT Small Utility (OD) Madpedition Coccoon pouch (OD) BHI Med Pouch (OD) TT Hydro Pouch (OD)
  13. Alright heres the almost final stage of my US Navy Seal DA impression. I only need a few things: Backpannel for my RAV Headset MICH Haircut After that its done. Sorry for the *beep* pics its the best I can manage for now. Comments? Suggestions? Insults (just for you Adam)? Fire away!
  14. Looks good so far. Hopefully its done by the zombie game in october
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