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  1. Mike Obrien


  2. Mike Obrien

    1911 Picture Thread

    If you put the wear on yourself(which I feel is most likely) then go ahead and paint it, but if that much wear some how came from use and abuse, you better leave that as a trophy piece.
  3. Mike Obrien

    1911 Picture Thread

    @FireKnife: OK that is fair didn't even bring the color scheme into mind at first, yes the shiny silver bits are a bit of a give away, suppose there may of been one or two times my pistol gave me away... @Fox62: I don't want an exact copy of the gun, I like to add my own little design to it, makes it a bit more original that way. The mag release is checkered though... bit hard to tell. As for the mags it is a WE MEU lower and though I have traditional mags I have a lot like that to, they still work, so why not use them? May do the slide stop though, I cant reach it with my thumb yet still maintaining aim down range. The pistol did start off all black... probably was a better "combat gun" then...
  4. Mike Obrien

    1911 Picture Thread

    Awesome thanks man But I am wondering how does it not make sense as a "Combat gun". all features are rather functional, minus maybe the cutting into the grip for the knife, never tested that. Extended slide catch, extended safety, commander hammer, threaded barrel, checkered front strap... Trigger is a little fancy I guess. I feel a lot of the pistols on here posted with the fancy kits on them that are way over priced for useless trades (yes useless, these are airsoft guns, not real kimbers/springfields:P Oh the heat I will get for this....) and such aren't very functional in comparison, and as for history who cares? If you choose to run a 1911, your making history for it and continuing it's legacy, keep it going! OH and finally... here is my 1911.... Has some paint wear in this photo... has a decent bit more now from use.... once it starts warming up probably going to strip it and repaint it.
  5. Mike Obrien

    1911 Picture Thread

    This is the best 1911 on this page... Just saying... My 1911 is closely modeled to this. Can I get a parts list?
  6. Mike Obrien

    Marushin FN Five-Seven CO2: first impressions

    Nevermind, upon youtubing a bit and such I found the outer barrel is most definitely different from the TM outer... Oh well, maybe someone will make one, or I can have my friend C&C me one. Anyway... Anyone ever find replacement parts for these? I was worrying about what happens when things start breaking... I can't find spare parts anywhere.
  7. Mike Obrien

    Marushin FN Five-Seven CO2: first impressions

    Judging from the look of those outer barrel pictures... this isn't compatible is it? http://www.airsplat.com/Items/UPE-TM-FN57-10.htm Interested in a 5-7, especially the co2 part.... but I would like to put a threaded barrel on it. If not how thick is the outer barrel it comes with? maybe I can thread it.

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