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  1. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I ended up taking the king arms adapter darklite posted and used some barrel extension segments for an m4 style rifle and ended up right at 16. I posted the pictures on the bull pup picture thread.
  2. Mike Obrien


  3. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    So I have a fun little AUG project I have been working on, can't wait to share pictures when I'm done (probably another week or two due to weather/work). Though to perfect this little project I need a 16" AUG barrel... except I can't for the life of me find one. I know GHK makes one for their GBB AUG but I am working with a JG/TM and I doubt the outer barrel is the same(if it is please someone let me know). APS who I believe OE's out of JG makes a 20, 17(why?), and 14 inch barrel, but I was really hoping for the 16. I'm even juggling the idea of taking one of my extra 20" outer's and trying to cut it down then JB weld the threads back on, may be what I end up doing unless anyone knows where I can find a TM compatible 16" AUG barrel? Thanks for any input.
  4. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Well I know the A2 rail has the issue of space between the upper and the rail... but they aren't all machined at an off angle are they? Because the rail I have if you look down it long ways you can see that it is cut at an angle. I will take a picture if I have to to explain it better but because of this all optics sit on the rail at an angle tilting to the left generally, if they even go on.
  5. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Does anyone know where to get a JG AUG CQC RIS and upper rail? For the longest time I have been using one I had purchased through evike (from their matrix line), and have always had an issue where certain optics would not fit well, especially ones that had a quick detach mount. Well I finally realized that the issue with certain fitments is for two reasons. One is the space between the rail and the upper receiver is to small for certain mounts to fit well, second is the rail was machined at an off angle. So I was hoping to find a new rail at the least if not a whole kit. I guess a JG AU3G parts gun could also suffice. Any ideas?
  6. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17295__Turnigy_nano_tech_1800mah_2S_25_50C_Lipo_AIRSOFT_Pack.html That is the battery I use in my aug. They also make it in 11.1 but due to the extra cell it is thicker. Make sure you modify the gearbox backing plate(essentially you just cut 2/3's of it off) to give yourself some more room.
  7. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    AB Mosfet is recommended, but a standard mosfet will suffice. Not sure where you can get them in the UK.... but in the US extremefire mosfets are good, I've never had one fail. As for the lipo battery itself you can also try Hobbyking.
  8. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    http://www.evike.com/products/60787/ Has anyone thought about trying to take this type of AUG and making the rail look more like this one? https://www.shootingillustrated.com/media/1536604/w7163si-3299clip1.jpg Seems like all you'd have to do is slant the forward part of the rail... either cut it or make something that can attach to it.... Then get a barrel from a JG to lengthen it. Seems doable to me.... and would be the closest we'd have to a real aug a3 yet. Only thing I don't like about the ASG AUG's is all the rails they come with.... not a fan of it.
  9. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/43-longrange-aegs/16161-crusherw9-s-guide-building-up-aug.html Just thought I would leave this here as it is a good guide on tightening up the upper receiver/barrel assembly to improve overall accuracy. This greatly helped my accuracy issue that I am speaking of in prior comments.
  10. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Really hate how the edit buttons disappear here.... anyway, I am starting to think I have a very strange brass barrel here, maybe it is a 6.03? Because between the brass barrel and the prome barrels I have the same fps at 400 fps w/ .28g bb's, and 370 w/ .32g bb's.... Though the grouping is still much better with the brass.... The prome barrels are quite old about 5 or 6 years, but I doubt they would be "worn out" especially considering I lapped the one....
  11. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    so after testing the prome barrel again.. I found I was able to get one layer of scotch tape around the barrel in the beginning section of the outer, so I put it at two points towards the front and back. the end of the outer barrel is a much larger, and tapered piece it seems. the grouping improved marginally but there were still more flyers then with the stock brass barrel.... also interesting thing I've noticed.... fps between the brass barrel and the prome barrel is the same... how is that possible? I thought it was different but I must of just remembered wrong.
  12. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I have bought almost every available aftermarket hop unit for the aug... so far the stock ones just works the best. I actually cut a bucking so that I could see the window and it's exact alignment inside the hop up. The prome barrel window is square cut (easy r-hop install) were as the brass one is slanted cut (hard r-hop install)... So that could be making a difference, but why would that affect my grouping so drastically? As for the mega Teflon tape mod... believe I have seen it over on airsoftsniperforum....
  13. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I found the fps variance was roughly the same, +/- 2 fps. I can double check this later on, but I know the prome was varying from 371-375 with very constant 373's.... the brass barrel was 368-372.
  14. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Barrels tested normal hop and flat hop using the same modify flat hop bucking, same hop up unit, and all parts involved, only thing that changed is the barrel. As for the lapping, I followed hunterseekers written instructions and video to the T. cleaned the barrel, did crown enhancer from 20 microns to .5 microns, cleaning it thoroughly between each step, then to the full barrel lap again 20 to .5 cleaning between each step again. Also used the crox solution after the crown and after the full barrel lap. I also had the prome barrel R-hopped prior to the lapping, the grouping was poor hence why I lapped it. Which it improved but it is not as good as this 6.08 brass barrel so I'm at a bit of a loss as to the logic here.
  15. Mike Obrien

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    when I tried to put the ptfe tape on the barrel it wouldn't even slide in... I guess I will have to try again... Masking tape towards the front though? the gap in the front section is larger... definitely worth a try. Also weird occurrence figured I will just throw this in.... JG AUG 375 w/ .32g bb.... 509mm 6.03 prome barrel that has been lapped using HSA kit. My grouping was overall kind of terrible. I swapped to a 509mm stock aug barrel (6.08 I believe), no lap just cleaned. My grouping greatly improved out to 200 feet+..... My fps also went from 375... to 370? a 5 fps loss with .32g bb? to add to that I then used .28s and found I did 415 with the 6.03 barrel and 400 with the stock aug barrel.

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