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  1. Bought a friends Mk12 Mod 0 and quickly turned it into a Mod Holland instead.
  2. Not big changes but I changed out the suppressor and chopped the stock.
  3. Thanks, I added a 1” G&P barrel extension. I was considering cutting the rail at one point so I wouldn’t need one but was just too lazy to try haha.
  4. Couldn’t update my last post, turns out MLOK accessories mount to Troy VTACs without issue.
  5. Just picked up this KWA LM4 from a friend, made a few small changes but overall I'm happy with it.
  6. akiraspeedstar


    MK12 ModH (KWA LM4)
  7. I wish the laser could be zeroed, seems like some are okay though Ive read more bad reviews than good. I love the looks but the lasers were useless.
  8. Originally inspired by a Army SF pic I saw with a Samson rail, then it ended up being nothing like it.
  9. Friend has one and says the quality is really impressive, though as expected not as good as the PTS Model.
  10. Update: found the answer to my own question
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