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  1. After speaking to JD yesterday they are the supplier of the CTW / DTW ones. Got them in stock already.
  2. I must agree. I'm interested in the DTW issue. Why close the thread? Healthy debate is just that...
  3. So far at my local site 2 people have recently got a DTW. One hasn't worked at all but the guy has to fiddle with things from new. Other guy hasn't touched his and worked well so far after 2 or 3k rounds through it.
  4. Ahh. There you are Silver, good man. My 416 arrived about 3 weeks ago now. It's really just so very well put together. Very happy with it. All old mags working well as well as pmags.
  5. I do consider that very thing? Don't know of many that go as primary - well there are some as I frequent a cqb site most of the time.
  6. Well so far, all I have done is fit the slide - Initally just to see I swopped them over, all was well. I have now stripped and swopped all the marui internals to the 3PX-4, all went in very easily indeed I had expected at least some minor issues but all went well. Not used it to game with yet as not off to one for a few weeks now but had a go in the garden and seems pretty much as accurate and similar range as it did with the TM slide on. Did strip the mag though and re do the seals, seems to be feeding fine and whilst not as 100% as the Marui mags, it is pretty much there.
  7. Just purchased the HK3PX-4 Just for the slide really and a spare mag. Fit is pretty good from the off, no worries with the mag at all. All in all quality of the metal slide is very good. Quite pleased by it.
  8. I see what you chaps mean with the kick back / slide action. My XDM arrived this afternoon. I have not experienced any Airsoft pistol with such a positive action, even an up graded one. The initial thoughts of the pistol, very positive indeed. I thought my PX-4 was impressive, XDM more so.
  9. It does, have mine now and it's all Eagle 6'd with prommy at purchase. It's soooo handy having nine 30/82 mags for it already. Have noticed that it seems to out range my Sopmod? that's all E6 also? Thought the Sopmod was pretty damned up there range wise, Scar-L seems noticably longer, with a flatter trajectory. No idea why?
  10. Well, fingers crossed I might have a Scar L in FDE by the end of the week. Rather looking forward to it.
  11. Bankz - Sounds like mine, I had seemingly bent the hop up platform after gentle re-shaping it's back to normal now.
  12. Well worth the wait. They are just so 'sorted' after my clearly inept work on mine will re fit a tbb soon. Good luck getting one.
  13. A big thank you to all who gave their time and advice. Managed to look at another it seems the platform had bent down, probably when I took all apart to replace barrel and rubber. After gently re shaping it, fingers crossed its now back to its fantastic old self. Thanks again!
  14. Not very much really. When checking with no hop rubber the platform rises. With it assembled no matter which hop rubber the platform seems to rise but make no impression on the hop. Bb's roll out of the barrel when re assembled.
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