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  1. Saw this vid a few days ago. Thanks for doing it. The info on the eye relief was definitely appreciated. Wondering about wobble between the mount and the scope tube. I have two Chinese SpectreDR replicas (AABB 1-4x, waridiot.com fixed 4x), and both suffer from wobble between the scope tube and the rail mount platform. Wonfering if this version is more solid than those. Thanks, again!
  2. Hey, thanks for clearing that up, lacanuck! Might have saved some people some time and money.
  3. I thought the Vickers-type slings (and those that used his adjustment mechanism afterwhich) were the end-all/be-all of effective/snag-free adjustable 2-points. Refreshing to see another take on it. The name is awesome and I like the Ranger Pace-Counter Skull bead! Been eying this sling for a bit. I appreciate you doing a thorough review so now I can make a more informed decision. Thanks!
  4. Not sure with the polymer handguard. When you mount the MOE rails laterally, they aren't perpendicular to the ground, like most other rails. There's a slight cant upward due to the handguard's geometry. The legs will most-likely still work, but you're going to lose some height for sure. At least that's my gouge on it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Glad you got a fan pointed at that gun, because it is HAWT!
  6. Milspec Mikey


    Sick, dude! Must have cost, but looks terrific!
  7. WE AK-74UN with the following upgrades External: - Midwest Industries/US Palm Bulgarian Krinkov Rail with Aimpoint Micro Co-Witness mount - Primary Arms Micro clone - Madbull/Noveske Krinkov Flash Hider (KFH) - US Palm/Tangodown AK Pistol Grip - Echo93 v1 AK Sling mount - Tangodown SCAR rail panels - Magpul RVG Vertical Grip Internals: - RA-Tech NPAS - RA-Tech Soft Hop-up Rubber
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