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  1. The Geissele rails look really nice, and I am a fan of the brand, but I really don't see what the advantages are over lighter, cheaper rails from the other guys.
  2. So many nice guns and good photography on this page! Thumbs up everyone!
  3. slu

    $1K club.

    You put $10K on a single gun? I think it was single gun money, not all the guns you own. Happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Another plus one from me. In the past few years I've bought a lot from them (a couple thousand dollars). Every order came through correct and shipping in all cases was extremely fast. They use Fedex for their express shipping. When I lived near Boston, orders would sometimes arrive as fast as two days. It should be noted that, according to their website, they do not refund seized orders, at least for the US.
  5. Repost but I'm proud of this one: Check out gallery for details. Shameless plugs: If you want to buy this one and can offer a fair price, I'll sell it to you. Also, 2011 Inok is listed in my sig, welcome to offers.
  6. slu

    $1K club.

    You know what they say about flattery.
  7. slu

    $1K club.

    You win this entire thread.
  8. Teflon anodizing is not any more expensive than regular anodizing. In terms of AR15 firearms, some less tacticool brands choose to type 2 anodize + teflon (DPMS is one brand I can think of) instead of type 3 milspec anodization. It just makes the surface shinier and technically smoother, but it should not effect function in a properly lubricated gun, airsoft or otherwise. In fact suspect that the all Prime receivers are anodized + teflon straight from the factory: they are smoother and shinier than mil-spec uppers.
  9. slu


    I just want to clarify: Manual of arms on the KWA LM4 is the same as AR15?
  10. Thanks. Any idea how far off the upper receiver itself is?
  11. Is there an information source somewhere that tells you exactly what RS parts will or will not drop into a KWA LM4? Considering its skirmishability, it does not seem like a bad choice.
  12. slu


    INTERNAL - Inokatsu Controls, FCG* - 5KU Aluminum Carrier with G&P Fixed NP Nozzle* - 5KU Prime-clone Rear Adjust AEG Hop* - Prometheus Soft (Purple) Rubber* - Lonex 229mm Steel Inner Barrel* EXTERNAL - Inokatsu '09 Receiver* - PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle with Combat Latch - LMT SOPMOD Stock FDE - Iron Airsoft LMT 10.5" Barrel* - Daniel Defense NSW/Mk 12 Gas Block - Daniel Defense 9.5" RIS II FDE - KAC Rail Panels Taupe - KAC QDSS NT4 Flashhider - KAC 300m Micro Rear Sight - KAC Front Sight Taupe DOODADS - EOTech EXPS3-0 FDE - G&P DBAL-A2 clone* - Surefire M300A Mini
  13. Sick gun, and sick paintjob. Speaking of 2008, I think it'd be fun to post how these airsoft builds evolve. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and also wanted to gather up the photos I've posted over the years, so, warning, long post: Aside from pistols and 1 AK, ARs are the only style of airsoft guns I've over owned, and I have a good amount of old photos. Oddly enough, in this period I've moved 4 times, so it's also a record of the various flooring choices I've encountered, so hope you enjoy This is how the CQBR I posted two pages back used to look circa 2008/2009 when I was still
  14. Even with mine it is a very close fit. The clearance is definitely less than 0.2 mm between the sight and the light, you can fit a sheet of printer paper in the gap, nothing more. That's good for lefties like me since that puts the light in a place easily activated by your thumb, but it's somewhat awkward for right hand. I guess top mounted SR07 is still the most ambi choice.
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