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  1. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Managed to wrangle a whole crew together at the weekend at The Mall. I am Hoxton.
  2. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Did some shooty shooty at the Sandpit today, threw together a heat-suitable desert kit rather than a rain suitable britain kit. I'm the genius using an MP7 at a site that big. And I goofed off with some Libyan AA gunnery.
  3. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Pretty rainy day over at Viking on Saturday, breaking out the woodies for actual camouflage.
  4. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    nope, Saturday
  5. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    First time I've gotten out to a woodland game after a couple of years of CQB, good excuse to break out the woodies with a mate.
  6. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Took my fun kit out at the weekend.
  7. Mr. Jon

    Glock Picture Thread

    Got a new TM Glock 17 to replace one I managed to actually kill. Gotta get tricking it out now.
  8. Mr. Jon

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I grinned like a crazy person when I found this, glad I didn't check the record store day list too closely because the moment of discovery was amazing.
  9. Sure thing http://blog.predatorbdu.com/2012/10/ukraine-testing-new-uniforms-in-tacs-au.html http://imageshack.com/a/img59/2175/1l27.jpg And poles http://i.imgur.com/cG9urT1.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img208/8455/79lm.jpg
  10. the Ukrainian tests happened in 2012 I think, but the photos of the new uniforms being issued to their Marines show it being used with ATACS-FG loadbearing, whether that will carry on into a wider issue is possibly the point where you would describe Ukraine as issuing it I guess. Likewise the poles have been using it for years, but as with any SOF, photos are unusual. What I hear is that it's domestic production from imported fabrics, so there are items like ATACS-LE JPC clones being made. But you're right in saying it's not super widespread, on the whole multicam is issued, but that's not to say that its only being dabbled with.
  11. I liked it, but just a couple of points, Polish SOF use all 3 ATACS patterns (although the LE photos are only from training IIRC), and Ukraine at least trialed AU and seems to use FG load carrying with their new super-green pattern. Also Zimbabwe seems to be making the rhodie pattern again, but slightly different. It's still hens teeth though.
  12. Mr. Jon

    H&K Picture Thread

    Got around to taking a photo of my entirely non-gucci MP7. I tried optics but I like the pistol sights.
  13. Mr. Jon

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Doing some CQC airsoft at Red1 today, I think I need more camo patterns though...
  14. Mr. Jon

    Custom Gear

    No, it was a company called something like fabric on demand, I recall them being American.
  15. Mr. Jon

    Custom Gear

    As some of you may remember, some time ago I designed and had printed a camo pattern of my very own. Now, from previous testing I've found it to be effective in leaf litter during the summer where it gets dappled light, and on sunbaked soil, although no good for leafy forest and ferns etc. However, I'm at the beach! so it seemed like another phototest was in order. It was commented on by some people who mistook me for a birdwatcher that at a distance it looks like a mossy rock in this environment, but as with any pattern looses effectiveness as the distance closes. On the plus side, it's better than UCP and I made it in MS Paint, so that's enough for me.

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