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  1. Managed to wrangle a whole crew together at the weekend at The Mall. I am Hoxton.
  2. Put a new M81 based kit together for a lightweight woodland kit with some bits I picked up in south america. Aside from the fact I need to replace my AK it's broadly speaking finished.
  3. Yes and no. I have to plead the fifth
  4. Just got back from a little while in South America where I spent some time convincing public officials to trade me their lovely patches/gear for my collection.
  5. Did some shooty shooty at the Sandpit today, threw together a heat-suitable desert kit rather than a rain suitable britain kit. I'm the genius using an MP7 at a site that big. And I goofed off with some Libyan AA gunnery.
  6. Got a glut of pop culture patches in recently.
  7. Pretty rainy day over at Viking on Saturday, breaking out the woodies for actual camouflage.
  8. First time I've gotten out to a woodland game after a couple of years of CQB, good excuse to break out the woodies with a mate.
  9. Picket up a Potomac combat shirt among other bits, so I've got an updated M81 kit.
  10. I think my new rigger's belt just about finishes this off for the time being.
  11. Got a new TM Glock 17 to replace one I managed to actually kill. Gotta get tricking it out now.
  12. First Spear Large Comm Pack. It's pretty great, the attention to detail and thinking out of the design are amazing.
  13. It's really just an amalgam of the main elements although I forgot the eyebrows, silly me. What I will say is you need to plan it better than I did, because the average helmet shape really needs a more distributed design than I drew. For example to get feet on the ear domes both legs are basically at the back, which isn't so good. (also as ever, remember to take the curve into account, because I didn't and it needed a lot of work to correct down the line)
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