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  1. OK, impulse buy, thanks to the falling yen, it wasn't that expensive actually. * Got the Creation nozzle set and filed down part # MGG1-102 on the part of it that hits the nozzle's "bridge". Now they two no longer contact. I think my nozzle is safe *crosses fingers*. * Cannot for the life of me figure out how to take out the barrel and chamber assembly so I can install my PDI bucking and Nineball 6.03mm barrel. According to the explosion diagram, it should just come out with a hard tap... but that's not working... Can anyone inform me how to get the barrel out? Thanks in advance! EDIT:
  2. I have heard of a small mod to the nozzle to increase its longevity. Basically taking some material off where it contacts the chamber. I plan to get one soon and I'm wondering if perhaps the later batches have this issue fixed. Marui is usually pretty good at responding to issues like this. Though I wonder if it's as prevalent an issue in Japan where everyone runs duster anyway...
  3. These kinds of issues are really worrying in terms of what they say about the design. If something fails on a gun, there should be some clear indication of cause, something that broke off ideally. Cause otherwise it points towards a slight misalignment or some lapse in timing etc. Stuff that can happen a lot more frequently and are a lot harder to do preventive maintenance against.
  4. Yes, he is. Best airsoft tech in HK. The only one that does a decent MOSFET And knows the V2 and V3 designs better than anyone. I can go to him with the oddest issues, and he always knows the solution, which always works except one time.
  5. The fail launch of the PDR is just one more example of an industry trend where externals get 95% of the development effort and internals the remain 5%. I bet they spent way more time developing that stupid ambi ejection port thing than they did on the actual trigger mechanism. Externally, the PDR is super nice. But internally it is such massive epic fail in both design and production and QC. Granted, we've seen this kind of product ever since STAR appeared on the market with their nice looking SCARs that were a complete mess internally. It's all part of a wider shift of airsoft to cosplay
  6. This is extremely helpful info. I will give my contact at HK PTS a call on this. I think we deserve at least as much. Not sure if they will have the new on hand to deliver. I, and a lot of other HK airsofters would deeply appreciate it if we can get a side by side photo shot of the old vs new trigger plates. Thanks in advance
  7. Mine is serial number PDA 0005 I reported the issue with the plate to PTS on the day of release. Maybe that's why the later batches are better
  8. UPDATE I took the PDR out for the first time and despite everything I did with it, the trigger was still an epic fail. It would either fail to fire, or go full auto, or half cycle. I finally gave up and did what I always do when I run out of ideas: I gave it to the professional. The tech who many consider the best in HK had guessed my problem even before I said anything. Apparently it's a common problem that a lot of other PDR owners have been bringing up to him about. The solution was a MOSFET and tunning of the trigger mechanism. This eliminated the problem of half cycles and allows t
  9. No they don't, not the shiny SS kinds that Ares always uses And I don't know what stock you got for your G36K cause they've been using metal nozzles over the old plastic ones for some time now. Regardless, anyone who's familiar with both Ares internals and has cracked open a PDR/ACR can logically see the very close connection. Even if PTS and Ares were not in a formal business relationship, there is absolutely no way to deny that there was "idea sharing". So any PTS claims that they have never ever dealt with Ares and that their designs are not Ares inspired or that their guns
  10. Gullible, it's written on the ceiling, look up.
  11. Again, this is an Ares thing, all Ares guns are type 0 cylinders. They did it to save on manufacturing costs, typical Ares cutting corners
  12. Pretty much agree on the pros and cons, except for the cheek rest thing, I prefer fewer moving parts, especially if Ares is behind it. The mag release design was just poorly thought out, the rod get pushed rather than pulled when you push the release. Any elementary schooler can see this is a fail design since pushing the rod causes flex which means you don't release the mag till you've pushed hard, all the way in. I don't get why they did it that way when the trigger mechanism is pull based. If they'd made the trigger mechanism a push based one that would have completely sunk the gun.
  13. OMG Noveske... that's uber bad, really bad, choberi-bad! Actually, I notice this problem with the tab as well when I was putting the pins back. You really have to align the holes perfectly. The feed tube is another issue. Not that it's a tube, these things can work, but that the surface of the tube is really gritty, poorly cast metal. I haven't gotten any feeding problems but I did notice a lot of BB shavings at where the bbs enter the hopup chamber. Ergo wise it's not bad. Other than the all too small grip, which they will fix with the grip extension. I think the big lession here is n
  14. Indeed, the trigger bar connects to a cam that in turn connects to the trigger itself. Pulling the trigger pushes the cam forward and thus pulls the trigger rod. The problem is that the trigger bar is held to the cam by a single grub screw that does NOT actually go into the rod, it just relies on friction. So your entire trigger mechanism relies on the friction of a single grub screw against a steel rod... The grub screw is part E127 BTW Alex Also my gun is the 5th off the line, serial number: PDA 0005 Once the rod slips from the cam, which happens if the grub screw backs out even a l
  15. Yeah, that's what I said, they made them FOR VFC, as in OEM lah But that's just for the first batches apparently. VFC makes their own AKs now.
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