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  1. Not yet skirmished it but its taken a bit of bashing setting up pouches however im on the hunt for a more tradition full molle cummerbund that i can fit hard plates in. More to what I like
  2. Theres mine, not really got around to setting anything up yet as was very undecided on whether to keep it or not however think i will keep it. Its a Ferro Concept Plate Carrier in Limited Edition Arid Cadpat - Only 1 of 5 in the world ! Just need to get some pouches set up on it
  3. I did think about it but the 4 mag insert meant there is too much excess webbing around which I just end up cutting off. And the 3 mag insert doesnt carry enough mags for me. One thing I have considered doing is putting some velcro on the mags so keeps the kangaroo pouch tighter on the mags yet can still take them out with ease. Ben
  4. I have done, at the moment I use a belt mounted holster for my 226 with M3 its a kydex type so trying to locate a Safariland that will allow me to have the torch on my pistol for a decent price as dont want to go and spend hundereds on a holster. Ben
  5. Thought I'd share my new rig, Flyee 6094, love it to bits, trying to keep the sides clear for when draw sidearm and do room clearance Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks Ben
  6. Flyye 6094 Tactical Tailor Triple Open Top M4 Mag pouch PTT Med Sheers C.A.T Caribeener with electrical tape My new rig, love it to bits now just waiting on M4 to get back from painting
  7. Just got my 6094 all set up, just waiting to get M4 back from painters now :)

  8. I used to have one and agree with the above, one or the other as dont need two, only thing i found was that it was a bit slim and can only fit 3 AR-15 mags on the front which was a bummer as ive always been a 4 abrest guy
  9. Well then no upgrades for my 226 just need another mag or two now
  10. Touche just wondered about a 150% recoil spring and or new seals all round. Btw does anyone know anyone that does engravings on airsoft slides ? Want my 226 slide doing
  11. Think that is what I shall be doing. Thanks for the help. Have a quick look on the bay then over to TYR
  12. Getting my Iron Airsoft HK416 sometime this week ! Can't wait to get hands on and start my milsim loadout.

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      this is the previous owners video but I shall be making a new one in the near future
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  13. Thanks for the help, so importing direct from the TYR website is really the only way im going to get hold of a PICO plate carrier in the UK unless someone has one for sale somehwere. Ben
  14. Looking for one in the UK though as dont want import costs and postage
  15. That is one sweet loadout !!! Where can I fin myself a Tyr PICO MV ?
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