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  1. That is awesome! Thanks for the review.
  2. Great seller, would gladly buy from again.

  3. Good, I'm the same height so that answers my question perfectly. Thanks.
  4. That looks great, I've been looking into a similar setup using the same things. Question- are the suspenders very adjutsable?
  5. Ya, I went to Asia and came back this wai... LULZx-jess kidding.

  6. Hey, I got the pouch today. Thanks again!

  7. Fawk, that would be bad.

  8. Oh you better not! Or I'll make your B0xXy drink it first!

  9. I'm going to put arsenic in your grape Kool-Aid.

  10. Is this really even important? I doubt anyone cares that it is from COD4. It is a very beautiful gun, but is "COD4 COOL!" really the best comment we can come up with?
  11. That artillery was awesome to say the least.
  12. Joe, I for one disagree with you. I am not bashing you or anything, but I think SACslym's vids are good for what he makes them for. He isn't aiming for something like Saving Private Ryan or BHD quality, just a fun video he made with his buddies. But anyway, great videos everyone. I really like the one that Architect posted, I wish I could play there.
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