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  1. Real sword already have a support weopon version of the type 97 and a sniper . I just wish they would get their finger out and release them for sale !!
  2. The civilians in the police vans should be qualified to CCTV operator standards and have a certificate to prove so . In much the same way a councill CCTV operator can issue parking / bus lane tickets , these people can issue speeding tickets . . Checking the equipment has been certificated as failure to calibrate is the loophole . Same as police car cameras . The calibration / book entry is the often messed up part in prosecutions !!
  3. Look at the speed camera/apr vans . Operated by civilians . Security company's nowAdays . . I have seen many times when the police have ignored traffic offences , traffic light begging / cleaners etc . Cyclists riding on pavements / jumping lights . Even though the offences are being blatantly commited in front of them . I am just deAling with one of these police laziness cases with my insurance company . After I and several others got hit by a drunk driver after he caused mayhem and a few grands damage to 5 vehicles and got pulled out of his car , breath aliased and arrested. For drunk dri
  4. On Lbc today . Scottish are angry as Cameron is going back on his promises / bribes that he put forward to the Scottish people to secure a yes vote . Apparently they are adding extra clauses / requirements and totaly back peddling on a lot of the promises he made !! Some quotes today branded his party criminal thugs and bully's . . I await the disturbances and riots !!!
  5. Susan Boyle !! That's enough to kill anyone's sex drive stone dead !!!
  6. Order a replacement from rs. Their parts are really cheap and easily available .
  7. Great Britain has not been great for a long time !! Cameron and clegg are two of the weakest / most useless leaders we have had to suffer . The Europe vote is a whitewash so why would any other country wish to be part of it !!?? As per usual the goverments short term views and policy's have exploded back into their own faces . Only then do. They pitifully try to make amends . Ireland was forced into the Europe thing because of Whitehall pressure and look where that's left them . . Basically you are damned if you do or damned if you don't . Untill we get a goverment that has balls and
  8. Add me to your mistrust of Cameron and clegg . I trust nothing they say . They look like thunderbirds puppets ! But at least with the series puppets the strings attached are clearly visible !!
  9. Some cars can have their remote locking systems signals / infra red remotes grabbed by the all 4 one remotes you can buy for operating your tv / video players . They have pretty good range on them as well . . The pro thiefs use a grabber which is a more sophisticated version of these . If losing the car is the problem , use old Skool tactics . Remove coil lead / ht leads etc . The old deterents are still the most effective. . . Or use one of those cheap shed alarm . Movement detector things you can get for about a tenner they are very loud when triggered !! Simple but effective . !!
  10. They are usually pretty good have used them a few times in the past !! Very surprised
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=781691408565095&id=100001727293789 Had to post this up ! This reeks of desperation
  12. Exactly where the problem lies . Untill this is resolved there will always be a problem between bikes and other road users . . Cyclists can't have it all ways . If you refuse to obey the Highway Code how can you expect any sympathy from the public / other road users when you get knocked off or killed . A lot have never even read the code . Even boris johnson admited this when I talked to him on an Lbc phone in . Its a fact that the two groups with the most road fatalities ( pedestrians and cyclists ) are the ones that have never read the Highway Code !! It should be part of a schools curr
  13. Not joking at all . Most are . I do 500 + miles a week and its only a minority that are the problem !!
  14. The majority of car van , motorcycle riders are courteous to each other and obey traffic / highway laws . The same cannot be said of pushbike riders. . I watch endless cyclists everyday jumping lights , riding on pavements , jumping zebra crossings ( with pedestrians on at the time ) and being abusive to anyone that tells them they are doing wrong !! The other problem I encounter a lot in london is cyclists chaining their bikes to fire escape railings ,I have had to remove over 20 this year alone . The warning notices are stuck to bikes. ? But still they think it is ok to obstruct a buildi
  15. The big difference is that if they make mistakes or cause accidents they will be punished for it , be it legally or financially . If they continue to offend they lose their licence to drive , or cannot afford insurance any more . Wheras a cyclist does not . If they continue with a bad riding / driving attitude they will A . Incur the wraith of an angry road user possibly involving violence B end up dead or crippled . . I learned to ride a bike many years ago under the green cross code / bike sure scheme at my school . You were not allowed to bring your bike to school till you had gained
  16. Accidents happen on the road , everyone who uses the roads should be covered by insurance for when such incidents arise . I had to take a cyclist to court a couple of years ago for damage to my cars mirror . 220 quids worth . Was a long drawn out affair but justice was served eventually .would have been much easier if the cyclist had insurance , the only reAson the cyclist identified himself was because police attended the scene after he refused to give me any id
  17. All cyclists should be made to have insurance . And treated exactly the same as other road users in an accident . At present you have to take them to a small claims court for any damage that they cause to other vehicles . They have no registration number and are not easily traceable after accidents . I am not anti cycle , I use many forms of transport to get around including cycles , motorcycles , cars , vans and lorries. . Every other road user has to have third party insurance for any damage / injury they cause to persons or other road users / pedestrians . I personally think that if
  18. Saw on the news last week , another road rage with a cyclist where a pedestrian pulled a blade on him and tried to slice the cyclist up !! Was in Camden Pratt street .. Rightfully named . Not everyone is as meek as you think nowadays . Picked the wrong person to abuse on this one .. The video of it is up on the net ( daily mirror ) if I recall correctly. ..
  19. The cyclist came across the Baker Street junction on a red light and the car on the Euston road dual carriageway had to do an emergency stop and clipped him, the cyclist then decides to mouth off even though he was totally in the wrong . The car driver was totally justified in his actions . Baker Street is a major junction and the cyclist was lucky that he wasn't hit harder by the car . The cyclists attitude was one of pure arrogance !! I would have done more than floor the twat !! If that guy had kids or old people in his car they would have been thrown forward by his emergency st
  20. Good for you . I saw one of those Lycra clad arses get his come uppance last week when he mouthed off after jumping a light . The guy got out of his car and floored him !!
  21. I use an aim point on mine which gives you the option of using kill flash or a fish eye magnifier . Have also got a big scope for it ,have tried many configurations of scopes / sights but I always find the aim point to be the best ..
  22. Dropped kerbs are a big no no. ,only excuse for that is breakdown or accident and the car is immobile To prove it , a registered recovery or mechanic has to supply an invoice !!
  23. Alternator multi plug corrosion ??rear boot courtesy light. ??
  24. Most dentists will let you pay off in instalments .nhs ones included .
  25. Wait till one of these penetrates someone's face protection and causes injury . Sometimes I wonder if Airsoft manufacturers actually know anything about Airsoft skirmishing !!!
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