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  1. yes it is, it's a Lonex Flash-mag. I put it in for appearances sake only, as I don't have any TM Recoil M4 mags to hand. Good eye sir!
  2. Here's a parts list from memory: Gearbox/Internals; BlackTalonConcepts Pre-release SPECTRE next-gen MOSFET Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Gearset (original torque) Laylax/Prometheus 6mm Steel sintered bushings Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Piston Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Pistonhead Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Spring-guide Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Cylinderhead Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Cylinder Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen Nozzle Laylax/Prometheus TM NextGen selector-plate Eagle6 TM NextGen M90 spring (possibly M100?) Eagle6 TM NextGen M4 uprated recoil weight spring G
  3. After an extremely long build and preparation period, I'm happy to announce that PureSilver's TM Recoil SOPMOD M4 is FINALLY complete. In 2011 PureSilver came to me with this gun totally stock back when I worked at Pro Airsoft Supplies and from there we started the long and arduous process of making it the best TM Recoil M4 money can buy. While it wouldn't be correct to say that there are no TM parts left, PS and I have done our best to remove as many of them as possible, and this is the end result; http://i.imgur.com/H23zQdr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Q4CA5Fa.jpg http://i.imgur.com/MAj8YDw
  4. ProTip: Loctite threadlocker + Motor = Broken gun >_<

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    2. Aod


      The Magpul PDR's gearbox is attached to the receiver by four screws, and the screwholes at the back open directly to the motor cage. A "little" too much loctite and poof! Broken xD. Took hours to clean it all out!

    3. hitmanNo2


      Ah. I see. What a pain.

    4. TheFull9
  5. Fixed the trigger mech on my PDR-C last night! All it took was 31mm of spring-steel strip and some bending :D

  6. Holy ****, avoid WE/Nuprol BBs!

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    2. Aod


      Ah, the old "Glue-BBs" right? >_<

    3. Azubi


      It's refreshing to see someone not completely arselicking Nuprol.

    4. TheFull9


      Glad someone said it.

  7. Reading on the Chrono; 499.5... Muahahahahahahahah!

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    2. RSM


      What is it?


    3. Aod


      G&P M.k.12 Mod.1 DMR with BTC Chimera, custom motor etc...

    4. Aod


      Waiting on an M3 and a full paintjob; http://i.imgur.com/DsS1WaP.jpg

  8. Turns out, a G&P SPR is a better choice than a DBoys SPR. Funny that...

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    2. Aod


      Astonishing, I know!

    3. FTZ-WildeCard


      I feel like I'm missing something here.

    4. Aod


      PC Dre's been wanting a new/working DMR-rifle for a while now, we were considering getting a DBoys SPR and gutting it to be cheap, but I persuaded him to splash a bit'o'cash and get a G&P instead.

  9. Friend might be buying a D-Boys gun! :o

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    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      There must be some reasoning to this?

    3. Aod


      I'm going to gut the internals completely and use only the externals, which are going to get sprayed! Nothing can go wrong! :o

    4. Aod


      Oh damn, it's gone wrong already. It's out of stock, likely never to return.

  10. Are you using the stock Plastic selector plate? If so you can rectify the problem by either buying the expensive prometheus metal plate or by building up epoxy (I find Araldite Metal 2k works great for this) on the part of the trigger that gets blocked by the selector plate and shaping the lump so that it prevents the trigger from tripping the microswitch when on safe. I had to do it about a week ago to a TM SCAR-H for Wildecard.
  11. I heard that the HK street price was around $150
  12. But how does that assumption correlate with the initial retail price at Bunny Workshop and CRW Airsoft being $135, only slightly more than the M&P, before they were instructed to raise the price by Cybergun. Just yesterday, WGCshop listed the gun at $180, $45 less than the MRP! I also doubt the assumed reason mentioned a few months ago that Cybergun raised the wholesale price which caused the HK retailers to have to raise their prices - you know damn well that the HK retailers would not ship a gun they were making a loss on, they'd simply politely ask for more money or offer to cancel th
  13. It's showing as $225 now.
  14. Just because the Safety/Decocker moves when racking the slide, doesn't imply or necessitate a weak linkage or part, and assuming so seems odd and unnecessary. There is no evidence to suggest that Cybergun are paying anything for the licensing of the appearance and trademarks for this gun, considering that Cybergun already hold the license for FNs guns near-worldwide, and near-freely give KingArms and Chinaclone brands the ability to produce FN-style guns with "official" trademarks. Until I see evidence suggesting that Cybergun have to pay more to produce replicas of additional guns, or
  15. Hey buddy. An application of Cerakote "Midnight Blue" (H-238Q) with double hardener (12:1) is the closest "paint" finish to resembling a glossy blue finish. 18:1 is close to satin and 24:1 would be matte
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