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  1. In as new condition . = No box , no manuals , only skirmished once ( for a full weekender) Price = 10 quid cheaper than a brand new one with shop warranty !!! No ffffin thanks !!!!!!!
  2. Will hold a pram and baby . The dogs would be scared shitless in it though lol
  3. Could always by my 200 sx s13 off me .my mint one is up for sale . Got new everything on it . Not boy raced or ruined. . Just improved everything that needed it ..havnt got the space for it anymore ..
  4. Nissan / pulsar gtir . The budget way to a group A rallye car . Cheap 4wd and fast
  5. Or beg a receipt from a friendly garage and liie to them. !! The best golf to invest in nowadays is the golf g60 limited edition .,, if you can find one. , only 71 ever made . The fastest road going golf ever made !!
  6. Dropped kerbs cannot be parked across . Unless you broke down . Circumstances beyond your control . Ie crash , vehicle immobilised etc To prove that you will need a receipt from a registered recovery firm / garage or motoring organisation . Your word is not enough ..
  7. Parking bays have to be a particular size . If smaller than the goverment specs the bay is void . I have got off so many times with this one that I now keep a tape measure in my vehicle . Minimum width is 1.8 Mtrs . Guidlines state that all parking bays have to be between 1.8 m up to 2.4 mtr . This applies to pay and display / resident bays etc . Half the bays in Camden / Hampstead are below minimum size . They have to void the ticket for not complying !! There are also specific rules on signage and contact / complaint number has to be displayed somewhere on site . Islington council just
  8. Renault made them for the 5 turbo as well As have a few other manufacturers . Rx8 Mazda was a common one seen at shows and Santa pod . The Renault 5 was a lightweight space framed monster . The rear engine had to be bump started into life . It could still drive on just the front engine if required. , I actualy met the British guy who redesigned the twin engine golf and made it work . After earlier attempts by vw boffins had failed . ( English engineering prevails yet again ) he was also the first guy to fit a g 60 lump into a mark 1 gti . Followed by an Audi a3 turbo lump which was ridiculou
  9. Always fight tickets . . 1 . They have to wait longer for their robbery money . 2 . 3/4 of them get cancelled at the parking tribunals . Hope the Capri had the obligatory bag of cement in the boot , to stop it sliding off the road backwards . If you think the rallye golf was awesome take a look at the 200 homalgated cars that were made/ sold . Moon money then ( 60 grand ) , god knows what they are worth nowadays 280+/ 400hp horsepower group A rally monsters that got shelved when the group A races got banned . Or the ultra rare twin engined one . 2 made . One engine in the
  10. G... Global moderator? Sounds like part of an Austin powers film plot!!
  11. Good for paint stripping . Disinfecting work surfaces . Would not be surprised if you could run an engine on it !!!
  12. I have a mate who runs a vw spares / parts shop in The back of Hornsey . He always finds a way to get even the most obscure vw bits . Specialises in gti , corrado and desirable models . Not the cheapest but always the guy who can get anything !!
  13. I wear Armani , boss or Calvin , so I think not. !! Brut , old spice , are old mans aftershaves . My dad is 89 and even he won't use them
  14. Have a look on the vw owners clubs / forums . I used to tune / race and restore vw gti / g40 / g60 and turbo technics versions . The superchargers are only good for 60 k before the bearings give up . Less if they changed to a small pulley to spin it faster . The polo g40 are as rare as hens teeth nowadays !! The g60 came in a few models . Corrado , rallye golf , Wolfsburg edition golfs .and a few other obscure models . The rarest vw sleeper is the very rare k70 cars . ( looked like a cross between an Audi/ bmw cs but had a vw badge .
  15. I love the way you say a genuine woman !! Sounds like you have spent time in Thailand at some point !!!
  16. Samsung are going down the same route as well with integrated battery's on their products . Its not just apple that have jumped on the rip off wagon
  17. I usually change my phone every two years . Apple phones usually hold their second hand value when you come to sell it on . With the newer phones this will no longer be the case as more and more shops and retailers / public become aware of its in built obsolescence Was chatting to a top retailer manager who informed me of the arguments going on with retailers wanting the old spec ( non integrated kit ) and apple keep sending the new stuff that no retailer wants to stock . Was a very interesting hour of conversation as the apple rep was in the shop collecting all the new stock they had packe
  18. This will be my last I phone . Integrating the battery into the circuit has made it non replaceable in the future . So when the battery goes the phone is a bin job . As with all the new mac air pads etc .i refuse to pay 12 / 15 pounds a month to subscribe to apples care plan to get a replacement when this happens .
  19. Apples connector and cable are *suitcase* . 3 leads in a year for me , 2 for my missus and we are carefull with them . ! I have now brought the adapter to use the old apple 4 leads with my 5 s phone . 25 quid !!! But cheaper than buying endless 15 pound chipped leads . Built in obsolescence for profit . !! At least with the iPhone 4 /4s you can buy cheap leads from anywhere . With the new chipped leads ( that the phone rejects when faulty or unlicensed) ) you are limited to apple licensed leads that are sold at a premium price . .
  20. Rx8 have a tendancy to eat rotor tips . As of yet no scientist / car designer has managed to find a material hard wearing enough to maintain compression without scouring the bore or eroding the rotor tips . . The Nicosil problem was also a massive problem on 5/7 series bmw engines . Bad design / materials used ( two metals that corrode when brought into contact with each other. Accelerated by the chemicals used in modern fuels . I have a j reg nissan200 sx modified engine etc that costs me 350 quid a year on classic insurance . My friend has his r32 skyline on classic as well . Many older per
  21. I think all cars should have the drivers airbag removed and replaced with a spike !!
  22. Might improve some of the drivers in my area !!
  23. http://thebullitt.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/2x2-tarus-2.html?m=1 Why waste your time with a quad when this is sooo much better..
  24. Been there done that and eventually you get bored of it !! Got to the stage of ridiculous and my life was hell . I lived , breathed and was surrounded by endless partners . And I wLked away and gave it all up . Its the thrill of the next conquest / twisted partner/s . All you end up doing is damaging yourself and eventually you end up in a lonely place !!
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