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  1. Baddbaz

    WE XDM

    My compact we xdm has compact 3.8 - 45 aop on one side and mg520899 / match 45 aop on the other with a very small made in Taiwan engraved on the pistol grip ..
  2. Or variations in compression between guns ? Would be interesting to see the fps consistency between shots on these
  3. Pro Airsoft have them in stock
  4. One up on z1 for 240quud
  5. I have a tm a2 phantom and I just swap in the jg a3 front end if I want to go cqb with it . 10 second swap over. . The a3 front is sooo heavy though , and very solid . The ris rail has been sawn back on the gun in that picture as it actually extends right back to where the scope sits .
  6. The jg aug a3 Dosnt have a scope . So a fusion of an a1 and a a3 going on there ....very front heavy though ..
  7. Baddbaz

    WE XDM

    Is this solvable with thread lock ? As I have a compact and have only used it for 2 skirmishes so far , no issues yet . May strip it down and thread lock all the screws etc ..
  8. Baddbaz

    WE XDM

    Lack of lube and maintenance ??
  9. Don't get the S&t tavor !! Terrible plastic body , brittle , cheap looking. And actually a lot worse than the terrible ares version . Would rather let a rat nibble my privates , than buy one of these terrible abortions of an Airsoft gun. Has absolutly no + points at all .. Stay well clear mate .
  10. Real sword mids will fit in , as they did in the f 2000
  11. What's the UAr like for magazine compatability ? Does it take mids , Lonex mags etc ? Also how much did it cost in pounds uk ?
  12. Any gun run on 11.1 battery's will destroy it trigger contacts faster than if you use a 7.4 battery unless you fit a MOSFET . ! Absolute fact ... If uscm s gun has held up for 16 months it is a good sign . As ares pistons did have a well documented reputation for failing with 11.1 battery's . Not all ares guns are bad though , my m4 cqbr custom is coming up for 4 years old and has only had one failure , which was the motor whilst under warranty . Apart from that it has been good as gold . I only run7.4 in it though . Time will tell with the pdr . It does have a warranty in place so it w
  13. No one can decide how satisfied someone else is with their purchase . Its his perogative and if he says 100% that's his own opinion on his gun . This is not zero one or communist china where you have to disregard someone else's opinions because it Dosnt agree with your own !
  14. Important notice !! Any noobs reading this , please don't take this as an invite to start dropping your Airsoft guns from ever increasing heights just so you can post up a thread saying ; my gun is made from da bestest plastic in the universe ;!!!
  15. I still think the real sword guns have the best plastics available on any Airsoft gun produced .but then they do use real steel materials in their construction ( norinco ) As for the pdr , every gun has a weak spot somewhere and if its unlucky enough to land on it breakage will happen . Its just a case of hoping it can be mended / replaced for sensible money . Or hopefuly with a bit of invention strengthened/ repaired
  16. Meh to magpul . I am going to get dunlop to make me a rubber reciever !! Lol As for strong plastic guns don't forget the near nigh unbreakable body of the tm famas . And its abs
  17. Swelled lipo video please . Lol
  18. Just saw a perfect anology for this gun . ' you need hands like Jeremy beadle to hold it properly ' lol As for running a standard gun that's not specifically designed to run an 11.1 lipo . Big no no unless you have fitted a MOSFET to stop the trigger contacts arcing out and wearing prematurely .
  19. The warranty is not void if the shop you brought it from does the work for you . Many of my guns have had improvements to them , tightbore,motors , bearings , gearsets etc whilst still being covered under warranty . Depends on the retailers I suppose when it comes down to wArranty rules and what is covered . Some being better than others . I have never had any issues with the shops I use
  20. And charge you 20 quid for a 20 second job ! £1.00 pound a second , now that's what I call an earner
  21. It does help buyers due to the fact that magpul spares are only available from registered magpul pts retailers so if you do get issues that will be your first port of call . Some shops just sell guns , other shops have bulletproof reputations to uphold and will do their utmost to help the customer and keep that reputation intact . Pts magpul run a closed shop when it comes to obtaining spares etc . So you can't order bits direct from them if you are not a regognised retailer . Every gun has its issues and foibles , some are solvable , some you have to live with or improve yourself . Eve
  22. I'm also an Engineer (Automotive) and so I'm no stranger to customer satisfaction and design faults. Products are rushed out of the door in every industry to meet the project deadlines and ease investor angst, however, it's a risk companies take, it's now down to the consumer to decide whether that risk was justified or not. That's the reason why you buy from a retailer that has good warrantys . Repair facilities . And excellent customer service . The amount of cars that get faults from new , design errors , faulty parts , recalls is still very high . Same with an Airsoft gun . If you
  23. I use frog lube on all my aeg gearboxes , linkages ,and also some of my kit . Popper studs, zips etc also use it in all my gbb pistols etc . It is also a very effective waterproofing agent alongside it lubricating properties . Only trouble is I smell like a dental surgery every time I skirmish ...
  24. For me it comes down to the price point , 100/199 pounds and I know it is gonna need a few upgrades to keep up with a more upmarket gun . 200 / 300 pounds , I expect a reliable above average , skirmishable weopon out of the box which may have minor niggles ( hop rubber, reshim ,tightbore etc ) 300 pounds and above I want a reliable out of the box skirmishable weopon with a decent warranty and nothing to put right apart from maybe a spring downgrade 400 pounds and above .. It better work or its gonna get wedged up some retailers brown area !!
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