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    Airsofter without portfolio
  • Birthday 12/11/1974

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    Currently Own :)
    JG Steyr Aug
    Steyr Aug Carbine (BE M8-2)
    KWA Glock 23F
    Warrior L96 (Marzuen clone)

    Previouslly Owned :(
    Top M249 MkII,
    Maruzen APS Type 96,
    SL-8 (BE M10A),
    ICS MP5A2,
    TM MP5A4,
    TM Spas 12,
    TM MP7A1,
    R357 Black (Cheepo Gas Revolver) <-- it's been disected for parts!
    Double Eagle -full stock- shottie (UTG clone),
    CYMA AK47,
    CYMA P. 799A Shotgun,
    WELL D90 (P90 clone),
    BOYI M4,
    TM Mini m16,
    TM Glock 17 Springer
    TM Baretta Springer
    TM MP5SD Springer
    Springer SA80
    Cheepo springer Walther
    Cheepo springer pistol - lord knows what it is meant to be!
    CYMA Desert Eagle - dismantled for the common good
    Cheepo Spas12
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    If you've got nothing constructive to say - Don't say anything! - it's not that hard.
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    United Kingdom

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    Deepest Darkest Somerset
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    Airsoft (obviously), Making and tinkering with Ghillie Suits (don't ask!), and other "stuff
  1. davecymru

    What's your backup?

    I've found that my Glock 23F on full auto is great for when i need to keep peoples heads down while i leg it when the 249 packs in!
  2. davecymru

    Bits and Bobs

    Just bits & pieces of airsoft "stuff"

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