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  1. Snoop-Uk

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    As Facebook has gone Draconian on anything gun related especially sales I can see a resurgence coming Sent from my S61 using Tapatalk
  2. Snoop-Uk

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    2005-2013 hiatus Sent from my S61 using Tapatalk
  3. Alas mike_west when it comes to sending to UK doesn't get much better, goes GLS which backs onto Parcelfarce... erm, Parcelforce, Ultimately I would be tempted to try other suppliers in the short term from Poland as some spring for DPD delivery.
  4. Address:www.sklep.airsoftguns.pl Company Name:Sklep(A division of Globtrade) Purchased:M56DL Shotgun, MK1 Ruger NBB(KJW), FMA MP5 Front Pin, Spare KJW Mag for Ruger. Delivery time - 6 Working days from order - 9 Calendar days. Overall perception - Good - Fair. Notes: Was recommended the site by a local airsofter I have had some dealing with, having been used to waiting weeks for orders from Hongkong previously, thought would take them up on the standard delivery included with the purchase(Purchases over 70€ get free GLS shipping). The shopping system is easy, allowing you to put what you want, into the basket and review at will, small issue has been when shopping that the purchase currency seems to change at will unless you are logged in with a known account - might be due to some cookie issue, but very simple to change back to GBP in the top right corner. Once you have decided you can pay with maestro, Dotpay, or every airsofters friend - Paypal, Understandably as this was a pruchase form a retailer I chose the latter to cover my money/behind in case of issue. When doing so, theres something like a 2.5% loading on for using it(£2.45 on a £70 order.) However as the order is vat included and the price still cheap, I chose to pay. Paying. Well, once you complete the order, you're placed to paypals screen, I was surprised to see that full paypal integration wasn't on in such a well designed site, however, I didn't mind too much, paypal sent, and within minutes a confirmation mail for the order and paypal was received. Admittedly the paypal total came to £2.58 less than what the website estimated, I assume this is due to integration not being complete, sklep were estimating on an old exchange rate.... In any case, order complete, then to wait for dispatch/arrival. Dispatch: Now this is where the sticky wicket is, I recieved notice from the courier that the package details had been entered onto the system nd total transit time estimated at 5 days - This was date stamped at 15:02 that day, now to await it being sent. As I was at work on the day after, I could not check before around 7PM, and yes, it had not been sent, a quick mail to the company and they came back sunday, saying it would be dispatched and should be there for thursday(4 working days away.) After monitoring like a hawk monday/tuesday/wednesday, the parcel had gone from strykow in poland, to neuanstein Germany, and stopped tracking there from 20:34 tuesday night. Another mail to the company revealed the same, but no updated ETA. Thursday came and went, and me and my friend Tom cancelled our game reservations as no shotgun/pistol makes for very poor zombie battling. Finally, this morning came, and after a lovely morning coffee with my wife, we returned home, to find that parcelforce(As I would expect it would be) had attempted to deliver. Packaging - The parcel came covered a few times over in bubble wrap, the shotgun being quite large I wasn't surprised, all other small bits solidly tucked into an attached box, covered in black polythene and pretty well secured again the traumas of parcelforce. Still some minor drop mark on the shotty box, however, good packing job. Lastly I have received an apology that the despatch took longer than expected, this was due to two recent promotions putting a backlog on their warehouse. However, the gear arrived inside a week, the price was 1/2-2/3 that of UK prices(at the cheapest I've found the MK1 was at least £15 more in UK) I will next time order that little bit sooner, but I will use this company again as no where have I felt ignored, barring the initial late dispatch their service has been impecable and prices nigh unbeatable. Score out of 5 - 3, room for improvement but would be happy to use again.
  5. Snoop-Uk

    S&T TAR21 Professional EBB (Tavor)

    I know this sounds silly what's the gun function with poly mags like the Canadian or e mags ?

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