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  1. As Facebook has gone Draconian on anything gun related especially sales I can see a resurgence coming Sent from my S61 using Tapatalk
  2. 2005-2013 hiatus Sent from my S61 using Tapatalk
  3. Alas mike_west when it comes to sending to UK doesn't get much better, goes GLS which backs onto Parcelfarce... erm, Parcelforce, Ultimately I would be tempted to try other suppliers in the short term from Poland as some spring for DPD delivery.
  4. Address:www.sklep.airsoftguns.pl Company Name:Sklep(A division of Globtrade) Purchased:M56DL Shotgun, MK1 Ruger NBB(KJW), FMA MP5 Front Pin, Spare KJW Mag for Ruger. Delivery time - 6 Working days from order - 9 Calendar days. Overall perception - Good - Fair. Notes: Was recommended the site by a local airsofter I have had some dealing with, having been used to waiting weeks for orders from Hongkong previously, thought would take them up on the standard delivery included with the purchase(Purchases over 70€ get free GLS shipping). The shopping system is easy, allowing you to put what
  5. I know this sounds silly what's the gun function with poly mags like the Canadian or e mags ?
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