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    Vorsprung Durch Gewehren
  • Birthday 10/19/1975

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    July 2004
  • Toy collection
    A TOP FN MINIMI Paratrooper version (My first gun)
    A TM AG36
    An ICS MP5 A2
    A TM HK MP5SD6
    A Maruzen 870 shotshell version - wood furniture
    A Western Arms ParaOrdinance P14.45 'Kestrel Special'
    A pair of Western Arms Wilson Gilded V12s

    Of course I'm still waiting for someone to give me a P3 Minigun...
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    Aaaargh! <snap> Hit! Good shot mate. (or) Has anyone seen a ParaOrdinance mag?
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    United Kingdom

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    Down at the crossroads with a machine gun.
  1. Corporate_Black_Ops

    Kestrel Securities Incorporated: Armoury

    The Team's Armoury
  2. Corporate_Black_Ops


    Jon didn't think his driving test was going very well and the fact that his parallel park was at least ten feet from the kerb wasn't making him feel better.
  3. Corporate_Black_Ops

    Western Arms Vreaker 12 Gilded

    Rub it in? I have a pair.
  4. Corporate_Black_Ops

    ok...this could be a sticky situation.jpg

    Eric felt vindicated that his new "Super volumising shampoo" wasn't damaging the level of respect the marshalls gave him.
  5. Corporate_Black_Ops

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    <Bart Simpson Blackboard scene> I will learn to keep my finger off the trigger. I will learn to...
  6. Corporate_Black_Ops


    "My other car is a..." "...lot better than this one Dud?" "Well yeah Pete, yeah."
  7. Corporate_Black_Ops

    Never be the first to fall asleep after a night out!

    The latest offering from the genetisists at Bic.
  8. Corporate_Black_Ops

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    The sacrifices product testers make to ensure that your bunkbed doesn't collapse underneath you.

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