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    A TOP FN MINIMI Paratrooper version (My first gun)
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    A Maruzen 870 shotshell version - wood furniture
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    Of course I'm still waiting for someone to give me a P3 Minigun...
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  1. Thanks to Jonesey2k (UKAN ID) for this one... Our team photographer took over ninety shots so going through them all is going to take a while.
  2. I took the bayonet lug off, with the G&P forearm on it was halfway down the barrel and sat just a little in front of the forarm - but the AG36 is slightly longer and it got lost inside. Plus it made it very awkward to change batteries. Besides, why do I need a bayonet lug? I don't have a bayonet
  3. Architect: It's a heck of a load to tote round that's for certain - less than my MINIMI but still... Once I get the sling right it'll get easier. But it is a sweet peice of kit. Enzo: Did you get your outer barrel sorted in the end? As you can see from the pics it will go on - I'm not sure why yours was so troublesome.
  4. Taken more for the AG36 than the G36E, Note the Classic Army Reddot, I wasn't going to shell out for the real steel optics bridge so this was as close as I could get to the G36. The gun was originally a TM receiver and gearbox shell, I bought it with the intent of replacing every part I could... It's since had the Marui gears and piston and the Marui hop bucking put back in after the Systema gears chewed through a Prometheus Hard piston (the metal teth were untouched but the plastic ones were almost non existant) and broke the final (hard) tooth off an ICS aluminium one. Externals
  5. Haven't checked this is a while so my apologies for the lateness of my response. Yes, the area around the mag release was built up to "protect" it. And yes, it works brilliantly, I've been running around like crazy for three games now I think and I haven't lost a mag from the gun in that time. I've had several people personally inspect the gun following the article and all agree that it works well and looks good (even if they qualify that with "for a 1911").
  6. No offence taken, Kestrel Securities Incorporated are mercs after all. I am in fact quite flattered, if it has to be said then our loadout works
  7. Well we had in the box - and we didn't want to use it for concealment - so rather than having it take up space...
  8. I liked the rep system, the fact that I only had nine points and that three of those came from Bad AssTronaut (on three separate occasions for three different MINIMI problems) didn't matter... Making rep +ve only is a good idea but I think that one of the biggest changes I'd make would be to remove the Non-Airsoft forums from the equation.
  9. Yes if it's just "Leading through Guns" it would be Gewehre but it's "Leading through these Guns - for which I understand Gewehren is correct.
  10. Isaanhaven: Don't worry about it, the idea was yours I just stuck a couple of copies of a render I had on my hard drive in there and changed the background to grey (because the background of the renders was grey). I really didn't do anything. SEAL Sniper: I thought it was a pair of clubs (with nails in 'em) for Damage Incorporated?
  11. Better Issanhaven, I assume you're limited to MS Paint or something similar... I hope you don't mind but I've got some renderings... <fires up paint shop pro>
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