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    Master of 6mm simulated pain!!!!!11one
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    ICS M4
    Kings Arms G27 pistol grip
    Star QD vertical foregrip
    Guarder sp110
    Metal Oilles bushings
    Alluminum piston head
    TM KN tightbore
    Guarder nb-13
    Kings Arms delta force silencer
    ICS QD silencer

    KWC co2 m9
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    United States

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    Rochester NY USA
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  1. phishphansj3151

    Videos Thread !

    I could hear him, and I had a good feeling he would be behind that doorway thing... I guess you could call it blindfiring, no one cared when we played but w/e...
  2. phishphansj3151

    Videos Thread !

    This is a compilation of our larger ops over the summer. If you want a better, high quality video let me know and I'll do my best to get that video to you... Im the one who's vest is pictured 2nd at the beginning, and who supposedly blind fired over the wall with my AK even though I knew exactly where the enemy was...lol Anyways, its a pretty cool vid, enjoy.
  3. phishphansj3151

    My guns!

    these are my guns

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