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  1. Berget 9 - Phoenix Down pics Gallery: http://www.shooter.hu/b9/
  2. I modified mine to take the same stick batteries (under the dust cover) like my other AKs...
  3. This is a yearly held, 2-day milsim event with players (old friends and respectable teams) from countries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc. Total number of participants kept low in preference of quality over quantity. The ingame helicopter insertion was done by the crazy Slovaks. More here: http://razorsedge-milsim.com/
  4. Operation Housekeeper 2, an invite-only, international milsim event in Hungary with 300+ players (not my pics!): More pics: http://www.shooter.hu/hk2/ UAV flight above gamesite:
  5. Won't fit without modding and it's not an easy 5 minute hackjob...
  6. Mine is pretty accurate with the stock gearbox and hopup, about 60m effective w/ G&G .25 bio.
  7. Yes, full size, but it's also available in 74U length.
  8. My 74U has an ACM RIS, this one above is LCT... And I gotta say, won't buy an ACM RIS ever again.
  9. AK-74 forearm furniture, AMD grip, the rest is just wrapped and/or painted. I had to dremel the furniture to fit and cut the cleaning rod to size. It's a Cyma. I like the original stock and the long *ss mags, it's the most characteristic parts of the RPK. Maybe I'll swap the bipod with a RS PKM part.
  10. Brand spanking new, gotta work on the finish and the mag:
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