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  1. Here are some pictures of my new M1100 revision; the first is how I have it, the other two are to help people who are wondering about the foregrip. In a sec I'll post another with the shell catcher. Enjoy!
  2. There isn't a pump. The gun is semi-automatic, with the force of each shot used to eject the shell, and load the next one.
  3. You coming on the 17th? Because I'll be bringing her down then! BTW with eight bbs you get the sweetest spread at electro ranges. I'm sticking with 134A for safety's sake, at electrowerkz you don't need much range. I'll give you all a report on how it fairs after the game!
  4. How much of a spread do you get with 5 bbs at around 15 ft range? Just wondering how awesome this would be at my local site (electrowerkz).
  5. Here we go. My custom beauty: Looks like a normal TM tactical launcher right? Look closer. I'll give a digital cookie to anyone who can work out what is so special about this gun (And those people who have seen it in action at electrowerkz, please don't spoil the surprise )
  6. Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I'll be going down to wolf next week to check out both the M3 shorty and the M1100 defender revision, and I'll let you know with a picture which will be holding my wallet to ransom . Just one thing quickly though: on the wolf webside I came across this: http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...ct&id=SCM1100KM does anyone know if it will fit the defender rather than the full length m1100? Also does it look ok with what is essencially a bag stuck on the side? If anyone has a picture of a defender with one on I'd greatly apreciate it!
  7. My babies! Arn't they just adorable (sorry for the low res)
  8. Oh. My. God. Is that TWENTY-TWO grenade pouches?!? Where did you get that jacket? I want one!
  9. Some great boomsticks here, sweet pictures guys If I can just ask a quick question (and I know this always comes up but if you could take a moment to give your opinion I'd be glad.) I've been looking for a shotgun for a while, and with the charity event happening soon at electrowerkz this seemed like the best time to get one! It would be for CQB, and I'd be getting it for the event. So a shotgun I can get easily from a UK store quickly would be good. The purpose is as a highly powered weapon (the effect coming from multiple shots), causing a definate recognition of being hit! Also
  10. A couple of better quality pictures:
  11. I've got to say the manager is a very nice guy. He's helped us out quite a few times, in finding things, getting returns etc. It's just when they've got a large number of people in the store that they get a little impatient.
  12. I got it from wolf armouries for around £50-60 I think. It's just a normal rail mounted torch, which I was happy to find fitted on my sig. I'm glad you like it!
  13. Nice pics guys. My babies: sorry for the poor resilution, camera phone. And yes I know they are cocked, I did that for the pic; don't worry, they arn't loaded . Edit: Just to say these are both the TM...
  14. Thanks Basho, this thread has re-awakened my interest in my m93r, and given me the imputus to take it apart and fix it! Are you coming down on sunday? If so, would you mind bringing this, so i can take a look? Thanks.
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