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  1. Ive got an ics m4a1 and i want to retrofy it; ive got the old style mags and ive ordered this barrel extension that screws on where the flashider goes (i want the rifle length ar); I cant find an ics triangular guard, but ive found a jg one. For a great price. Ill need the A1 delt ring but re te front sight assembly would i need to by an A1 one or will my existing one fit?
  2. Yeah, also its a hi end gun; imo even a professional camo job will spoil the incredible bluing used on them. There a paint called Weapon paint I use. It makes exclellent camo and also it wipss off with a special spray they sell, and they have a great range too. Also theres plasti-coat; spray on silicon that peels off when youre done - I think they do camo now, but its not cheap, and a can doesnt go far. If i was painting that,itd be a simle scheme, using sand to tie the receiver in with those desert parts...maybe a few vertical stripes and some white or brown "leapord spots". Id leave
  3. I thought it was an airsoft project gun, and an inlet like that i wouldnt risk not in our weather.... Is that the kac pdw btw? Intereating piece that- I alwaya do a double take when i see those as i can nevwr figure out if its an ar15 with an aks74u stock or what. I did check it out, and its proprietery. I think the AR is for training purposes-kind of like the colt smg sort of. I may actually get this springer oit there right now to hang on the old wall, and for some camo scheme practice. "Bison PDW" its just acheapo springer; no contest for that WE there, but i do like a decent springer,
  4. First time i saw it i thought it had to be a fictional project gun - but they make these things!? I dont like; design-wise its a p90 mag crudely shoehorned onto a gun of completely different dimensions. When i saw crude i mean it doesnt make sense; top loading mag: cool. But dont forget that now useless magwell -its a water inlet. If i owned this id need to put in months of remodelling work. Radical new ammo storage should work to the rifle....this could work with a Bizon style mag i think; as the two platforms have similar dimensions, and as a pneumatic rifle owner i love the appeal of large
  5. To much explosive, not enough ventilation; old problem that. (When your in a vault, theres never enough bloody ce4 so its the coin cabinets..) Im foggly on muzzle devices though, 's74u in particular. I mean, flashider:obvious. Brake: a we8ght i think limits rwcoil but higher noise- but the 's74u... does it eject gas or something - if so wouldnt that put more force to the bullet? Or is that a muzzle booster, as soon on s9me maxims and many aircraft guns? Cause that thing is one big lump o' metal, I cant see baffles or slants 9r what theyre called-just a big fat cone (reallly does look l
  6. I know its a *badgeress* of a cliche: the ak was made for ignorant peasants who couldnt be trusted with tying the8r laces much less use a rifle, and its ; by the time it entered mass production (after theyd perfected mass production using stamped pieces of metal, )the red army were a modern, proffesiojal force-and they had the concept of the universal weapon figured out-one army one weapon. We had the sterling at this time, the bren, smle, lee sniping variants, webley revolvers....they had the ak 47 and rpk. Its not light, but imagine the effects on logistics. Id love a pistol too, psm or
  7. Niiice. So thats a new type 56? Dont fret about the paijt job tho...to get the authentic finish ive found it to be a process of many seperate layers and materiels. Those patches are a great start-once ive got my orange sprayed, then its a black wash, wiping off the raised parts for depth and shadow. Im a sucker for red "russian" myself-ive had good results with basecoat, black wash, then a wash of crimson ink, putting a bit of fairy liquid in the mix; it makets it very oily and it paijts itself rlly-you caj do this with black. Once ive got rhe tone its just a nice thick shell of wood varni
  8. Only just discovered them myself, and so what if theyre not derived from a combat rifle rather than an export for sporting? Imo its the first real evolution in the platforms ergonomics-that is for ris-and im not putting a kg of metal on a 3+kg rifle. The ak12 stock id include, also the akmsu set, the other aks (russian) follow a strictly defined design. Oh, ah ha! I did find a carbine '74-the bulgarian aks74s - it sez they werent a big success among troops. I guess in cqb in the hands of an operator its different though. Another eastern bloc client i read about in this book (croatia?
  9. Yeah right the ergonomics; theyve been building this platform for decades, but seeing this handguard prob was the first time idseen an ak and thought: I bet that has excellent handling. I wonder what couodexplain that- i mean russia are at the cutting edge of mili tech-some concepts are just beyond. I mean the silent pistol without an sd? The cartridge just sucks in the gas...the the an 94-shoots two bullets within the samerecoil cycle- Doubling the trauma and piercingof the bullet used..but the AK just hasnt seen a lotof this tech; Its modernized, for sure, but in pretty limited ways. Before
  10. Cool. This allsounds a bit like the akmsu to me andi love a mythical engine of destruction. Hmmm...kyhber pass or prototype carbine for spec ops, so secret only one image and 2 parts remain?... - one thing ive noticed is the sudden jump from the 74su to the full length rifle-seemingly the russians seen no need for multiple lengths eg ar15 which starts at the pistol barrel lengthpretty much going up to big game hunters territory...just 2 solutions- baby ak and mother ak - to two problem, cqb combat for sf and rear echelon; and the universal assault rifle- they chose the cheapest and easist opti
  11. Thats actually quite a nice, authentic touch you dont see too often-definately a kalash thing. They had this late war mosin nagant, zeta, which was identical in every way to the rs except one: its built to a far higher quality finish; no crappy tool marks or poor machining. Well,its a nice touch until you scrape yourself and bleed like a stuck piggy. Id just put a bit of that silicon that sets and goes watertight (its uk-waterproofing is pretty important) This ribbed handguard, Ive seen it on 74u's a lot and Im really tempted to "modernize" a bit and get one with the polymer stock. I think
  12. Its a beast. Props for using carbon fibre as well, if thats what it is. Acogs rule, mos def- specially on top of a carry handle, maybe with a masterkey in good old wood and steel for the 90s operator thing. Not sure if you can get them, but the early nv scopes "starlight" i think theyre called - used on falklands by brittish SF - those woukd look awesome on a rifle length AR or M14. Strictly a dummy tho; those things weiged a ton and probably are collectors items by now. Edit: just occured to me: does anyone use night vision optics? Theres a place I play at, cqb, based in the tunnels o
  13. Just checked out a great little tutorial, and its a great base for a camo scheme also looks great on guns that dont wear paint well like the g36c (this is in fact my test gun). For my svd i think ill go for that jungle look-the dusty basecoat and a simple scheme. Im using a dove grey, feldgrau (greenish gray, khaki - but cant decide a green, and the furniture, and mag is getting the full scheme - the dust c9ver is gonna get an "SF" job-a couple lines or panels of colour strait to distressed steel. I find olive drab dark - can anybody suggest a paint brand or colour looks like krylon nato green
  14. I like; i like it a lot. Im soon to be dipping my toes into diy camo paint, after heing inspired by a paint job on moh warfighter: it doesnt look like a paint job at all, but rather as if the gun is dusted with sand. The basecoats a brown, and all everything but the crevices is a v light sand colour....very simple, but cool, and pretty unique. I plan to achieve this by using a brown base, and doing the majority in sand. To get thw dusty look ill try drybrushing the sand, huilding up the layers, blending it into the base; if its done r8ght, the effect is very organic, quite like some aks on
  15. Hey thanks; youve opened up loads of possibilities ive dreamed of for my m4 but thought wd he imp9ssible, all thanks to various "experts" telling me nothing will fit. I want to to make a car 15, early type with the shortened triangle handguard and short mags; Im keeping the barrel the same length but want to get an m16a2 handguard, cut it down to m4 length. Ive done this with the jg m4 so will use their handguard and its tm compatible, so apart from the lug you mentioned and the d ring is there anything else i need?
  16. Ive fallen in love with that AK....and i normally hate the tactified ones; youve made it work and respect for that; its a rare gift. I thin its cause it still recognisable as an old beaten up ak, just with modern parts added to it over the years, as the old owners die the new ones pick it up, add parts to it, but its steal got the heart of an old and abused ak. That grip is a work of art; if you did the paint yourself would you care to share a few tips? Im modernizing mine a bit by adding a 74m stock, a micro scope, Ive got some short sections of rail and may fit them to the stock. I wou
  17. Real nice; last you a lifetime that will, you can tell its very hi grade kit just by looking at it. Imo i love the sopmod kit though as its based around the humble m4-so you can just pick up a piece at a time untill you have the entire "block". They use daniel defence rails i think? Or that could be KAC - i can only use ICS brand stuff as its designed to only accept that. Crafty move, cause they can charge a fortune for parts-I mean a qd suppresor was almost fifty quid, and their S.I.R is approaching £200. I use mine in m4a1 config but i am building the sopmod kit. Eventually its gonna b
  18. +10,000 spec ops badass points for the "afghan taliban hunter" sand and wear. Even more if you picked it up in battle and not the workshop... Whats the base rifle? Ive got an ics m4a1 myself, like others its got the 90's look-or the KISS look as they call it now. Its gonna be Sarah Conners assasination AR15-the silenced, bipod stabilized one she shoots very badly with, but shows serious sex appeal - proving a rule ive found - you can only be truly "tacticool" if its unconsciously done.
  19. And heres a bog standard vanilla flavoured m4. Its the ics m4 ris with long qd suppresor; but all that makes it too heavy so now its just an A1 with stubby stock.The acu camo wraps 1 quid a roll, but im getting some proper goretex stuff in flecktarn. All im doing is getting a semi decent acog-thats going on the carry handle. Pparantly the barrel is adgustable according to ics but I dont know how to do it, does anybody know?
  20. Its nice, and i normally cant stand big handcannons. This is actually the model i like most, with the longer barrel. If i had one id get that barrel threaded and fit a great big dont-*fruitcage*-wit-me muzzle break- like you see on the "big boy" .50 BMG rifles. Its the same length as mias deagle carbine in metal gear 4, except I dont know if you can get the stock.
  21. How bout the 60 round coffin mag? Thats probably the most distinctive feature- just curious if youre going to do that as well.
  22. JackofBlades2448


    Wow! All i can say
  23. Really nice weathering mate; how did you do it? Ivw s0ent months tryin to get that look inc sandpaper, beltgrinder, strip reblue then beat up...its not right though. I love your romanaian kalash (or was that hungarian?)- clearly a quality aeg.
  24. Post yer 74m perlease-i like to see if anyones got plum furniture on theirs. I love the romanian one, and your dboy wood finish is nice; "russian red",no? Im putting mine up but its far from finished.
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