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Found 5 results

  1. Cm.513-£65(shooting at 400fps hence why I am selling, comes with 2 Mags 1 high cap 1 low cap, angled foregrip, peq/15 battery box with laser only and a generic battery and charger. Also selling some gear Vest-£15 Gloves-£10 Belt-£10 Or if you want all I will sell for £90
  2. Hello! My name is Russian geardo and I am airsoft and military reviewer from Russia! 3 years ago I started my blog with reviews in russian language: http://rusgeardo.blogspot.ru In 2013 I made my own youtube-channel to make video reviews and I started to make English subtitles to them. I am sorry for possibles mistakes in subtitles, English is not my native language. So there is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rusgeardo - this is my channel trailer - comparsion of Element XPS 3-2 and original L3 EOTech XPS 3-2 - OSS Murray Back Pressure Regulator 2 by Madbull For English language please turn on subtitles. The rest old videos now hasn't English subtitles but I will add them soon. And I will post links for new videos here. Like my videos, subscribe my channel, thank in advance!
  3. 1911_Fanatic

    TPhoto 00006

    From the album: Guns/gear/loadouts, Impressions

    Just a photo of a temp. loadout. Yes I know pic quality is ######. I'm working on it lol.
  4. Guest

    New purchases

    So I have a few new toys headed my way with the cordura and the releasable goodness of FUN! Cough... Pilz-e moment over... Anyway. I've got a few new things coming my way. To begin with, a pair of ESS ICE glasses. I have heard nothing but good things about these shooting specs. I'll do a short review on them when I recieve, which will be tonight when I'm back from work. They appear to come with a clear and tinted lense which is pretty good value for money. Secondly... I've ordered quite alot from Triad Tactical. 1x Eagle CIRAS (medium) 5x Eagle single magazine pouch (each holds two) 2x Eagle double pistol/FB pouch (have krydex inserts to stop the mags from falling out and eliminate the need for the flaps to be covering the magazines all the time) 1x Eagle utility pouch (Has loops on the inside to retain items and also makes for a good magazine dumper) 1x Eagle map/admin panel 1x Eagle hydration carrier (MOLLE but also has buckles so it looks like it can be connected to the Eagle Rhodesian chest carrier (for you blackhawk boys, Blackhawk Products Group stole this design and made the Commando Recon Harness) 1x Eagle MBITR radio pouch All of which is in the rather sexy "ranger green". To say "I'm looking forward to this" would be a huge understatement. I have owned lots of Eagle stuff in the past and can only say good things about them. Think I'll get a Sage Green flightsuit and have a rather nifty all-green doorkicker loadout. Cheers, Tom out
  5. Guest

    Triad Tactical

    Over the past year or so I have dealt with several gear retailers. However it is "Triad Tactical" (Triad Tactical) whom I have gotten the best service from. I sent him a couple emails his way but didn't get a response for a week or so, and then I decided to call him up on the number provided on the website. I spoke with him for 30 minutes or so, and had a really friendly chat with him, where he said that his PC actually had a virus and he was just bringing it back and such. we confirmed the order I wanted (ranger green CIRAS vest w/ a slew of eagle ranger green pouches) and that was that. He was very helpful with things like release dates for the ranger green stuff. We then went on to talk about CIRAS sizing. Having found out I was about his general size and weight, he said "Yeah, I'm sorta in the middle of "medium" and "large"..." so we both agreed that the medium would be better for general mobility and also an incentive to lose the weight. In conclusion I ended that phonecall a very happy and satisfied man. He knows his customers to the point he knew my name just based on what I asked for in the email order and recited in the phonecall. Great guy! TMC

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