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Not getting notifications for PM's

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Well this problem just started happening this week.

I never receive emails that notify me that I have a personal message.

Then when I go to arnies to check up on my threads and such, new PM's pop up on my screen, and I wonder why didn't I get this in an email.

If I go to my profile, then click "email settings," there is one option that says this:

"Send a notification email when I receive a new private message

Enabling this option will send an email notification of any new private messages sent to you."

And the box next to it is checked in.

Don't know what happened, could have been a glitch/mistake.

If someone could help me out, that would be great.


Thanks in advance!

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i have noticed that if you read PMs very shortly after they are sent to you yu dont get a notification.


Still having problems with this.

And what you are saying isn't the case.

Sometimes I finally go to arnies and I read PM's from days ago.

Any help for this problem?


Thanks in advance

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try changing your registered email to a different one and then changing it back to the original one. maybe that would clear it out. other than that i have no idea, sorry.


Well, I made 2 new email accounts just to figure thus out.

After trying both of them, a board message came up:

"The error returned was:

That email address cannot be used as it is already in our records"

I have no idea as to what to do now, it is getting extremely irritating.

Anyone able to help me and see what's going on?

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