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  1. Its very comfortable. The hardness is about like any other grip. To me it has a sort of rubbery texture. Thanks
  2. Thanks! The grip is a Star Hogue grip.
  3. My M4 from before: M4 from before (hey it rhymes ) And here it is now:
  4. The grip is a Star. About the bolt catch, I got lazy always having to take it off each time I took apart the gun I just decided to leave it out and now I lost it.
  5. Finally decided to take pictures of my M4 today.
  6. is the gun only held in place by the trigger? neat holster though.
  7. try to check your spam folder because that is where mine ended up
  8. they are beautiful dogs except they are hard to train, or except mine is.
  9. here's my siberian husky. he's all brawn and no brains.
  10. thanks for the comment. i think i might take the sticker off eventually
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