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Green Devil BB: 0.20g Beige ready for shipping


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Green Devil Bio are made for one of the world leaders in Biodegradable BBs and environmentally friendly airsoft products.

Supplying high quality 0.20, 0.25 & 0.28 gram BBs in a range of colours. Size 5.95mm +/-0.01

Where possible these colour will be designed to blend into the background while breakdown takes place


VSAF, who previously tested the exceptional Arte Biotech BB, will be doing full field trials using Green Devil Bio's under Swedish Airsoft conditions. Pre-production tests with Systema PTW by the Swedes has shown that these bbs exceed the performance quality required, which even some non bios struggle or fail to do. Smooth, excellent quality, no compromise to biodegradability in performance, the right size the correct finish.


Current stocks are located in the UK. Suggested Retail Price of 5000 x 0.20 1KG is approx 14.5 EUR or 12.00 GBP + vat

At last the very best bio bb at an affordable price. For more information and wholesale enquires visit the Green Devil site. http://www.greendevilbb.com




Source : Airsoft News


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It really depends on what you mean by Greaaaaaaat!!. What I mean by OK is; They're well made (no seam lines). They have a smooth surface. They feed well in my JG 'Dragunov', my AGM XM8 and Tanaka Luger (no mis-feeds or jams in any of them). Many other people also used them at the last game and reported no problems.


The only thing worth mentioning is that I had to turn the hop off on my JG so that these BB's would fly straight. Other than that, they're much like any other brand of ammo.

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